Friday, February 6, 2009

Mango Juices

Hong Van Mango Juice
I took a photo of this can so I'd remember which Mango Juice I like to drink. I was getting them from the Walgreens downtown while on the way to the studio.

I bought a Mango Flavor Kern's Nectar right before Michelle picked us up to go to Palo Alto the other week. It sucked. It tasted like garbage water. It was a long drive and there was no where to throw it out so I just went and drank it all.

I bought some other mango juice in a bottle across the street. I forgot what it was. I didn't take a photo of it cause I didn't want to drink it again. It was a combo flavor. Orange/Mango. If you see one of those, don't drink it.

Uh, my second favorite fruit are lychees. They probably wouldn't be if they were as common as oranges. When I grew up in Orange County a little, back when Orange County still had orchards. They probably still do, I just haven't been there in 20 years.

So in all honesty, oranges would probably be my second favorite fruit. Lychees are probably third. But what about blood oranges? Is that in the same category as just plain oranges?

Well to be exact I really just like the cuties, in terms of liking non-blood orange oranges. The hybrid mini-oranges they have. The larger ones usually lose their flavor, and it feels like you're eating orange flavor beef intestine.

Marci's favorite fruit is Pineapple. I think it's probably followed closely by Strawberry. She really likes Strawberry shortcakes, but I never seen her eat just strawberries.

I can't think of any other fruit I do like. I used to eat a lot of bananas. But they're just bananas. And I never really liked apples. Pears are just like apples but there's more of them. Pomegranates are too much work. I used to like peaches a lot until my mom planted a peach tree. Uh.


Nancy said...

You crack me up, Deth.

I think all off the Kern's Nectar flavors kinda suck except with guava. Which is too bad, because I really like the guava flavor - why are the other flavors so lacking?

Junkyard Sam said...

I love oranges! We have lemons, oranges, and wine grapes growing in our back yard.

Having fresh OJ right from the back yard will probably be one of my better memories of California.

RE: Kern's Nectar - You probably know this already, but one good test for any juice is to look out for high fructose corn syrup. If they've added that it's going to be gross compared to natural sweeteners.

RE: Pears. A lot of people don't know this - but if you buy a pear, look out for those little curve marks that are all over pears. You know what those are?! That's where womens' long fingernails have broken the skin of the pear. I've been horrified by pears ever since I noticed that. (Grab 'em from the back!)