Thursday, January 29, 2009

The last time I bought a Paper...

The last time I bought a paper was when Joe came over to go jogging, and said he needed to go buy some newspapers. His mom had made the front cover.

Joe's mom made the front page
Which wasn't a good thing cause she was going to Iraq.

Joe's Quote
Here's Joe's quote.

She was going to try embedding as a reporter, but I think she got turned away and ended up hanging out at the beach in Kuwait. Marci was in school and I guess on her way to class she saw the headline, and was like, "Some crazy Berkeley lady is going to Iraq" and then when she got home and I had the paper she was, "It's Joe's mom?".

She recently vacationed in North Korea.

I don't try making sense of my friend Joe, I just need someone to go jogging with.

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