Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Muppets / Bohemian Rhapsody

The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody from Zamson Garcia on Vimeo.

Resting on Bear Drawing

Resting on Bear
I drew this out for a silkscreen, but I don't think it'll work cause the lines are too thin. I forget I should probably draw things out with a marker.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

El Niño

Marci came home and mentioned that El Niño is back. She heard it from someone at the bar. So I found this article about it from about 12 days ago so you probably already know about this. This means I have to get used to walking in the rain cause it probably won't stop till March like it did the last time.

The last time this dude El Niño hit, it was my first year in San Francisco and I was a freshman at SF State. The campus is a few block from Ocean Beach, so I used to take walks around the lake and to the Ocean. One day a parking lot close to the beach collapsed and then for months the sand on the beach was all black from the waves pounding the black top against the rocks.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Food Journal

Food Journal 14

Pretty bland week in terms of eating. There's only so many ways you can draw a bowl of cornflakes or a banana, or navel oranges. It's been really cold, so I've only left the house four times that I can remember, and twice it was to go to the post office.

California Navel Oranges were down to .49c for a while. They're back up to .99c, but it's still a pretty good price compared to the summer.

I've been buying the store brand Corn Flakes at $1.99. Safeway has this new advertising campaign with everything having lower prices, but technically all the prices were inflated from last year when the price of gas spiked up and they raised the prices of everything. But the tags get kind of confusing cause you think there's a sale but it's not, it's just a sign with a slightly lesser price.

Yeah. I don't know. Pretty much everyday I ate a banana with my cornflakes, and a navel orange. I'm off caffeine right now cause I'm not painting. I'm just doing data entry (spreadsheeting receipts), packing holiday orders, and trying to draw (which I haven't). I've been watching a lot of TV, and not leaving the house cause it's been really fucking cold. It's the coldest that I could remember.

Things of Note:
1. I found a pizza place off of Shattuck that I really like. Normally I don't really like pizza, but the place makes their's pretty thin and the prices are decent. I think NY Pizza or something generic. From the outside it looks like a hole in the wall, and for the past decade I've probably walked passed it about million times cause it's near Comic Relief, but inside there's a neon mural, and it's kind of weird eating in cause both the walls have mirrors so you can see people watching you eat. I forgot where I'm going with this. Pizza.

2. Marci made Hoppin' John. Which is like the easiest thing to make. It's black eye peas, bacon and some other stuff.

3. We made tuna melts with tomato soup. The tomato soup we liked were on sale for $2. When I got home I found a coupon for a $1 off. Cheese was on sale. Safeway doesn't sell theirs by the pound. It was 1.47 for something I'd get at Trader Joe's for about $2.27.

4. I got burritos twice in one week for the first time we moved here. There's a Cactus on Solano across the way from Marci's bank. The Cactus on College is always busy but this one's super mellow. It's also the same Cactus where I got a BBQ Pork and Pineapple Burrito that was pretty fucking amazing.

5. Myleen's Pig Roast. I can't believe I almost forgot this. Our friend Myleen roasted a 30 lb pig for her birthday. We got there pretty late, around 9 or so, so we didn't get to see the pig hung up by a bamboo stick, but the food was pretty amazing. I had some with rice and a salad and another in a burrito. Marci couldn't make it, so I didn't drink anything. Myleen had about 20 bottles of whiskey and I heard that the Rip Van Wrinkle was pretty good.

Group Show in Toronto, Dec 12

"From Me To You" Group Show Show & Tell Toronto, ON Dec 12
I have 5 painting in a group show at Show & Tell. It's a pretty sweet show, with the likes of Ferris Plock, Jay Howell, Tessar Lo, Ryan Bubnis, Jack Long and Michael Sieben.

With Sword

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Historical San Francisco Map

I never got around to writing about my San Francisco Map so here it is. I made it for the San Francisco Arts Commission for an exhibition that ran last summer. If you're in LA you can see it at the Japanese American National Museum till the 24th of January. I got a bunch of emails about it from people who saw the Map there and wanted me to explain why I made it and what it's about.

Marci and I and a bunch of other friends were asked by the Arts Commission to make work around the theme of "Trace Elements". The idea around "Trace Elements" or what I took from it was how people don't know about the history of things that they might pass by on the street, or how things got to where they were at and how things might have been forgotten (yeah, like Frodo and the Ring, only not). So I thought I'd make a Secret Map of San Francisco. Pretty much like anyone who's lived or lived near San Francisco there's little bits of history you learn about that can easily be placed on a map. Like walking pass Alamo Square you see folks taking photos of the "Full House" Houses, or if you're near Dolores Park you'll notice the golden fire hydrant that saved the City.

I've drawn out maps of the City for the past few years so when the idea came to me it was actually a pretty easy project cause I've already done it so many times before, just not to this scale (3 ft x 3 ft). This actually is my 4th attempt at drawing out a map. San Francisco is really easy to draw out in map-form cause it's 7x7 miles, and although it has a few hills you can pretty much section it off by the freeway and a few of it's major streets: Market, Third, Mission, Geary, Divasidero, and 19th Avenue.

This is a print I made of an illustrated map of San Francisco with my characters in it. There aren't very many real markers except a few of my favorite 7-11s and few SF landmarks. You might notice I just put the whole Mission District in a cloud. Yeah. I took the easy way out.

For this project I created and marked out a map using Google Maps. Originally so I could map out long gone cemeteries off of, but then to mark out new things as I was researching., by the way, is now down, but i used a lot of the guy's notes in my Google Map for the cemeteries (all the area that is colored in was land that used to be part of a cemetery) so his work and research still lives online. The rest of my researching wasn't really all that in depth; I got into a San Francisco History Podcast called Sparkletack and listened to all their episodes. I took notes and then went to my Google Map to mark things down and take notes. I did all my researching of things to draw from online and never went to a library. Google street view was really helpful, too, cause there are certain things that weren't photographed and I didn't really have time to trek around the City to take photos. The Google Map I created is pretty rich with detail, cause I also took the time to update everything with photographs I found online.

The map was my project for the Month of April. It took about five weeks to research, draw out, and paint. It's the most time I have ever put into a project, and that includes zines, and certain solo exhibitions. I've been meaning to scan it and then redraw it so I could have a print to sell or maybe make a zine out of it but I've just never got around to it. It's just a lot of work, and I have a few other projects I want to work on.

The weird bird is a phoenix, the symbol of San Francisco. They put the Phoenix on the city flag in 1900, cause the phoenix symbolized San Francisco rising up from the ashes of the Earthquakes and fires of the mid-19th century (San Francisco's been through about 4 or 5 major earthquakes). Then a few years later the Great Earthquake of 1906 happened and it was kind of a fucked up joke. The north half of Dolores Park used to be a Jewish cemetery. I had to use Google Street view to find the location of the Golden Fire Hydrant. Every year on the anniversary of the fire, all the survivors of the 1906 Earthquake gather there and the oldest survivor gets to paint it gold. I think they've thinned down a little, but it was a nice tradition for a while. If you want to know more then you should follow this link.

Of Note:
1. Lone Mountain Cemeteries- Pretty much where USF sits now is where there used to be the cemeteries of Lone Mountain. The bodies were haphazardly removed and re-interred in Colma, and in San Mateo County.

2. San Francisco Columbarium. The Columbarium still exists, but it doesn't look like that anymore. It's kind of enclosed, and you can still visit it. I used to take the 38 Geary and would notice it's dome and wonder what it was.

3. Buena Vista Park- If you walk around the park you can see broken tombstones were used as filler for cement. When they were exhuming bodies a lot of it was pretty haphazard. I marked off the former cemeteries in my illustration with bone borders, and if you're ever in that part of town you might notice some of the streets are laid out as if they were in a cemetery.

Another strange thing I noticed was how close Jim Jone's People's Temple was to the "Full House" House, but yeah. it really doesn't mean anything, it's just kind of weird.

I drew the ghosts coming in from the direction of Colma for all the spirits who might have been upset for their bodies to be removed from their original grave sites. Yerba Buena was San Francisco's original name, they changed it in 1847, which was two years before the Gold Rush. There's a funny story involving Benicia, and Yerba Buena changing it's name but yeah. This is already a pretty long post.

Before everything got suburbanized the western half of San Francisco used to be all sand and was referred to as the "Outside Lands". There are stories of people getting lost walking back from Ocean Beach at night and then getting consumed by giant sand dunes. They made Golden Gate Park to see if they could reclaim the land with grass and vegetation and when that was proven successful, people began moving west of Divisadero.

Of Note:
1. The Japanese Tea Garden is (possibly) where the fortune cookie was invented.

2. There's Bison in the Golden Gate Park. It's kind of sad, but not really.

3. Lincoln Golf Course near the Presidio and across the way from the Legion of Fine Arts, is on top of about 10,000-20,000 unmarked graves. Sometimes after the rain a casket or two might pop out. Once they found an open casket with a dude holding a tin box with his heart in it, and another dude buried with a third arm. If you want more stories like this go here.

4. I mapped out the general area of Carville. Carville was a place where people converted abandoned street cars into homes.

5. The abandoned Marine Hospital has about 900 bodies buried in unmarked graves.

6. Playland at the Beach. It's no longer there, but it's the birthplace of the It's It, San Francisco's most famous ice cream treat (that no one knows about outside of San Francisco).

Of Note:
1. 201 Green Street is where Philo T. Farnsworth invented the television.

2. Russian Hill got it's name during the Gold Rush era, cause they found a bunch of Russian graves at the top of it. They were the graves of Russian Sailors who were interred there in 1848 cause they were of Eastern Orthodox faith and so no church wanted their bodies.

3. Crocker's Spite Fence is no longer around (Earthquake & Fire of 1906) but if you closely you can see pieces of the wall around Grace Cathedral.

4. The Second Street Cut through Rincon Hill. Before the Cable Car all the rich folks in the City lived on Rincon Hill. Then some dude decided to make it easier for horse drawn carriages to go down Second Street by petitioning to carve up the street. It didn't work out so well.

5. Starr King- "The Orator who Saved the Nation".

6. Near UN Plaza, City Hall and the Main Library there used to be Yerba Buena Cemetery where about 5,000-9,000 bodies were supposed to be exhumed. Only 2,000 were accounted for. When they were constructing the new library they were still finding bodies. If you ever been there, you kind of get the feeling the place has some bad mojo.

7. My favorite 7-11 is on 711 Market Street.

The dead Tiger is for the incident at the San Francisco Zoo. Just to let you know, the San Francisco Zoo is probably the most depressing zoo I've been, too. But then there's the LA Zoo.

Other Notable Photos:

The Fire Hydrant that Saved San Francisco.

17 Reasons Why. When I came to San Francisco the signed got shortened to "17 Reasons". It got taken down in the early 2000s and now a billboard sits there.

Seals Stadium. The Seals used to play were the Safeway on Potrero Hill now sits. Before the Giants moved out west, San Francisco had the Seals. Joe Dimaggio used to play for them and Lefty O'Doul used to manage them. The 49ers used to play at Kezar Stadium before they moved out to Candlestick in early 1970s. It always amazed me that they played there, but then I found out that new stadium that seats about 10,000 was built after they destroyed the old one that sat 50,000. Yeah. No one cares.

Camera Obscura. $3 to get in.

Cliff House before the fire.

Woodward Gardens was the first Amusement Park of San Francisco. It's torn down and it was located where the 101 exits onto Mission and 13th Street.

Call Building. This is the Call Building on fire during the aftermath of the 1906 Earthquake. The Call Building is still around, they decided not to recap it, so it's not really that grand of a building anymore. Uh, When Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), lived in the City he used to work for the San Francisco Call. The Call got consumed by the Examiner in 1965.

After making this map it's kind of crazy to realize how much the City has burned and has then been rebuilt. Pretty much most of the streets have stayed the same, but a lot of really nice architecture has been lost. Like the Palace Hotel has burned and been rebuilt 3 times. The first time they rebuilt it they made it pretty grand, and the 2nd time around they made it pretty awesome, but not as awesome as the time before cause another earthquake was bound to happen. Also trying to locate photos of old buildings to locations was a little hard, like the City Hall, cause they decided to rebuild it in the same area around Civic Center but at a different location. San Francisco has only been around for 162 years (if you don't count the Ohlone and the Spanish), which isn't that long, but really rich with a lot of pretty awesome history.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Food Journal Update

I got behind on inking the pages of my food journal. Drawing out what I eat really doesn't take that long, but inking takes a while. We had a lot of free time during Thanksgiving so I was able to get around to this.

Food Journal 10
Mon Oct 26-Tues Nov 3
Monday the 26th- On the drive back from LA with Adam we stopped off at an In & Out in Kettleman City on the 5. Before that I ate some of Ryan's cereal while he was away.
Wednesday the 28th- Moving out of the old studio in the City, Marci, Michelle and I went to Hard Knox. It's a really good Southern place, and I would highly recommend you eat there if you're either in Dogpatch or the Richmond. I got fried chicken, collard greens, mac & cheese, and mash with corn bread.
Saturday the 31st- We got mini tacos at Trader Joe's and ate them with a bowl of beans. I was at some Halloween party and my friend made me a mystery cocktail with Jim Bean and it was kind of weird.

Food Journal 11
Wed Nov 4-Thu Nov 12
Thursday the 5th
- I guilt tripped Marci into driving me to Nations cause I forgot to eat while she was doing her girl's night dinner with Michelle.
Saturday the 7th- I watched the Botany of Desire on PBS and decided that maybe I haven't given apples enough chances. I figure there are so many types of apples that eventually I'd find an apple I'd like to eat. So I tried a Red Delicious apple. It was too acidic.
Sunday the 8th- We went and saw "Where the Wild Things Are" and shared a thing of popcorn. I tried a Jonagold apple. It was kind of mushy.
Tuesday the 10th- I went out to lunch at Saul's with Adam and got two poached eggs with pastrami, hash browns and a bagel. I haven't eaten a bagel since I was like 16 so it was kind of weird. Afterward I made Adam come with me as I went produce shopping at the Safeway. We split a box of It's Its Cappuccino.
Wednesday the 11th- Marci makes her Rice Porridge (or what she calls, "Health Food of the Ancients"). It's really good, has both chicken and shrimp and she makes SE Asian style croutons. I added dried shrimp my mom picked up for me from Cambodia a few years ago. I tried a Gala apple. It was okay.

Food Journal 12
Thu Nov 12-Fri Nov 20th
Friday the 13th
- Had to go down to install for my solo show at GR2. My friend, Tommy drove me down in his pick up truck. Apparently all I ate that day was two taquitos, fries and a burger.
Saturday the 14th- Went to the Brite Spot with Tommy, Conor, and Ben. Also went to Hurry Curry of Tokyo after the opening. I really like Japanese Curry but know of only one place in the city. I know, this is totally not exciting. I'm just pretty surprised that every place I eat has a website.
Sunday the 15th- Back on the 5. I ate at Popeyes for the first time ever. It wasn't really that bad. That day I ate that, some mini cinnamon rolls I got from a 24 hour donut shop in Koreatown in LA, and Marci's Tuna Casserole.
Tuesday the 17th- Honey Crisp Apple. Ok.
Thursday the 19th- Pink Lady Apple. I think the Pink Lady is the best I tried so far.

Food Journal 13
Sat Nov 2st-Mon Nov 30th
Saturday the 21st
- Picked up a Bud's Kona Coffee Ice Cream. Bud's Ice Cream of San Francisco is based in Thailand which is kind of weird knowing that.
Tuesday the 24th- Braeburn Apple. It was Crisp and I thought it was okay.
Thursday the 26th- Thanksgiving at Marci's Grandparents house.
Friday the 27th- We went to Rainbow Orchards in Camino and got an apple crisp and apple cider donuts. They fry the donuts when you order, and the apple crisp was fucking amazing. The donuts were $1 and the crisp was $4.
Saturday the 28th- I took a break from apples and tried eating a D'Anjou Pear. It was okay, but I kind of didn't finish it.
Sunday the 29th- Ben Bush was in town so I went with him and some of his Oakland friends to the Thai Temple lunch in Berkeley. It was pretty awesome. If you're in Berkeley on a Sunday and near the tool lending library on MLK you should stop by. I got BBQ chicken with rice and a Thai Iced Coffee for $7. I think it was probably the best Thai meal I had in a while.
Monday the 30th- One of my new favorite meals is a grilled cheese and tomato soup on the side. Marci made Tuna Melts.

Jesus shit. Yeah. That's what happens when you get behind in inking. So pretty much each week I make my way to the grocery store about 3 or 4 times, probably. Each time I go out I pretty much try hitting under $20. Sometimes I get it, but other times I don't. Its' strange, there's a lot of autumn fruit that's on sale. Bananas are 79c a lb, and if you want organic ones they're 99c. If I remember correctly they were about $1.19 during the summer. I bought 6 today for $1.64. Navel Oranges which were pretty expensive during the summer are 99c a lb, or $1.49 if you go for the organic ones. I bought four for $2.45 today. Are navel oranges autumn fruits? They don't have Southern Hemisphere citrus anymore at the grocery (all the oranges I was buying during the summer were from Australia or South America), so all the ones in the Safeway are from California. The Clementines are also in season. They're seedless and they're packaged as Cuties, but sometimes they're labeled as Satsumas or Mandarins. We got a large bag at Costco for $6.99 which is about the same price as you'd get at Trader Joe's or the local Safeway for the slightly smaller bags.

Marci's favorite fruit is pineapple and I noticed they were on sale too (for about $2.89 each). I don't know anything about pineapples so I looked up videos on how to pick out a good pineapple and how to cut them up. It wasn't that hard but I still didn't cut my pineapple so awesome.

Post Its for LA

postits 2009
I made these Post Its last week for the Post It Show at GR2. I probably could take a better photo, but sundowns at 5, and I wake up at 1, so that means I have about 4 hours of daylight to take a photo of anything. but yeah.

Below is the Post-Its I drew for last years show. I'm just putting them up cause I ran out of stuff to talk about.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Saturday, Printed Matter at GRSF


I'm sending two prints to this show in the City on Saturday. Nothing really too exciting, since they're just prints that I sell on my store. Uh, I did the framing. Yeah. I probably should have taken a photo of them but I wrapped them up by the time that thought crossed my mind.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Group art show opening

Printed Matter 7 at GRSF
December 5, 2009 - January 6, 2010
Reception: Saturday, December 5, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

618 Shrader Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Giant Robot is proud to present Printed Matter 7 at GRSF.

The latest installment of the popular Printed Matter series of art shows will feature nearly 50 artists with a wide variety of aesthetic styles and printmaking techniques. Limited-edition prints are one of the best ways for budget-minded and new collectors to acquire artwork and support independent artists, and we are committed to providing this venue on a recurring basis. Prints will be cash-and-carry, making this an excellent resource for unique holiday shopping.

Participating artists include the following:
Apak, Sasha Barr, Christopher Bettig, Brandon Bird, Jon Burgerman, Scott Campbell, Richard Colman, Mike DeNicola, Liam Devowski, Claire Donner, Theo Ellsworth, Audrey Erickson, Everybody Get Up, Justin Fines, Matt Furie, Mike Giant, Mark Giglio, Charles Glaubitz, Tim Gough, Andrew Holder, Rich Jacobs, Yellena James, Ben King, Little Friends of Printmaking, Phil Lumbang, Noa, Francois Paultre, Simon Peplow, Andrew Perry, Mike Perry, Albert Reyes, Grant Reynolds, Rob Sato, Alexander Shen, Skinner, Hannah Stouffer, Tyler Stout, Deth P. Sun, Supermundane, Joe To, Aiyana Udesen, Chelsea Wong, Lawrence Yang, Diana Sudyka, Madeline Zygarewicz, and MANY MORE

The reception featuring many of the artists will be held from 6:30 - 10:00 on Saturday, December 5. For more information about the artists, GRSF, or Giant Robot magazine, please contact:

Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
(310) 479-7311

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daily Life

So the past few weeks we've been holed up in the studio working on our various projects. Marci has to finish up some paintings for her gallery to take to Miami and I've had a shows to deal with so it's been a few late nighters. It's been really cold I've been working till 4 or 5 in the morning just cause I can't get myself out of bed earlier than 1 in the afternoon.

Since I got back from LA it's pretty much the same thing. Just hanging out in the studio trying to get stuff done. Marci's been picking up audio books from the Library and I've been watching stuff off of PBS's website and Netflix instant view as we're working. My feet get pretty cold. I'm pretty warm blooded, but I'm still from San Diego, and sometimes the extreme cold of Northern California gets kind of annoying. The colds months should really just be between November and February. But I really hate Southern California heat, so I can deal with 40oF nights.

Above is a photo of my spot in the studio while making work for my solo show. I just line everything up after drawing everything down and then I start painting by color. I start off with the more transparent colors and then progressively start using darker colors. This just saves me from wasting paint and it makes sure my brush stays clean from getting mixed up with another color. Also I think my brush lasts longer when I do this cause I'm not constantly cleaning it out.

It kind of doesn't feel like I'm working on several different paintings, but more like just one giant one with many little parts. It seems like I'm not getting anything done but then near the end everything finishes up pretty quickly.

I found this photo online (shot by John Trippe of Fecalface) of my spot of the studio when it was Evah's. It's from one of Brendan's studio visit. We just got a letter from them the other day and it reminds me that I should send them something in the mail sometime soon.

I've been behind on a lot of things. Like updating my website, uploading images to flickr, collating and stapling this stack of zines, and I have to ship off paintings to shows. I'm also doing the Post-It show at GR2 but I haven't started on any Post-Its yet. But yeah. All in good time. Marci's been stressed about painting for her deadline, so I'm helping her out a little cause she helped me out so much while getting stuff done for the Japanese American National Museum and my solo show.

But yeah. I watched the Botany of Desire on PBS and it made me want to try out different types of apples. I really don't like apples at all, so I thought I'd try to find one I might like. I've tried a Red Delicious, it (sucked, super mush), a Gala (it was okay), a Honey Crisp, and a Pink Lady (both are alright). I'm taking a short break from Apples and I'm going to try a different near fruit tomorrow, a D'Anjou pear. But I never liked pears either.

Blood Orange season just ended and I miss them a lot. I don't know when they'll come back. I found a nice recipe for a blood orange and whiskey cocktail. Pretty much it's just fresh squeezed blood orange, mint and whiskey. It was the end of blood orange season when I tried this so I had to use navel oranges but it worked the same I guess. It was slightly cheaper. Blood Oranges go for about $3.65 a lb, but Navel is like about $3.19 a lb. Oranges are kind of expensive, they make out to be about $1.60 per fruit, but one orange is about 25% of your daily requirement in Vitamin C. Yeah, I don't know. I also miss Mineola Tangelos. Right now it's California Navel and California Clementines (Cuties). It's kind of weird that bananas are never out of season.

I think the only reason why I'm on this fruit kick is cause I want to draw them in my food journal, get fruit stickers to learn codes, and have something to put in my compost. My compost pile is pretty sweet (In the top photo you can see the studio compost bowl). I like turning the soil and feeling how warm the dirt gets. It's a pretty organic compost (the only man-made thing in it are unbleached coffee filters) so it breaks down pretty quickly. There's a lot of oranges in there but you really can't see the rind after just a few weeks. There's a lot of rocks to shift through but I think I've been getting most of them out. Peach pits don't compost and whoever composted before me ate a lot of them so I've had to shift those out, too. The squirrels keep leaving half eaten apples everywhere so I've been putting those in my compost. Yes, yes. The world is alright.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photos for My Show in LA

Here are some photos from my show in LA. It's up till December 2nd, so if you're in West LA you should stop by. I went down there with Tommy cause Marci's still on a deadline and I stayed with a friend in Koreatown. Although LA is 6 hours away and is quite exciting every time I come down for a show I tend to not really do anything special. I think it mostly has to deal with the fact we lived down there for a year so there's nothing really new to explore, that and the last three times I've been down, Marci hasn't been able to make it down so it's kind of like, yeah.

The last time I was in LA we played cards in my friend's front yard and I visited a haunted house in Burbank. The time before that which was October 2008, I got sick, so I spent most of the day before the show sleeping, and my friend, Carolline went out and rented Jumanji or something and fell asleep halfway through. This time we played Trivial Pursuit while drinking whiskey and had lunch at the Brite Spot by default cause we couldn't think of a better place to go to.

Uh, installing was pretty easy. I suckered my friend Derek to skip out on whatever he was doing to help me install and he pretty much measured out all spacing and hung everything needing nails. I use velcro to hang my smaller pieces, so those went up pretty fast. I spent the bulk of the trip down cutting strips of velcro in the dark and was lucky to come away with no injuries. Uh, our friend Adam was also down and came by to help. It looked like it would take us about 6 hours to get it all up but it took us about 3. Yeah, not really that exciting.

Marci framed my prints for me. She did a pretty good job.

My friend is a carpenter in the city and cut out the 5"x5" and 5"x7" panels for me from the extra wood lying around the place he worked. I paid him in beer and whiskey.

I wish I had more stuff to say but it was a really fast trip. We got in at 7 PM on Friday, and left 9 AM on Sunday. That and I don't really take very many photos unless there's a cat around, or there's something strange I'm going to eat.

Rob & Ako
I did take a photo of Rob and Ako. The live in LA but I went to school with them at CCAC, but the graduated the year I came in. They both make lovely work, and Rob's on the cover of the new issue of Giant Robot.

Post-It 4 at GR2 in LA December 5


Post-It Show 4 at GR2, December 5, 2009 - January 13, 2010
Reception: Saturday, December 5, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 445 - 9276

Giant Robot is proud to present Post-It Show 4 at GR2. Curated by artists Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson, the show is slated to feature nearly 2,000 works by noted contributors for only $20. These pieces will be on standard-sized 3" x 3" Post-It ® notes. (Larger sizes of 4" x 4" and 6" x 6" will cost a bit more.)

More than 125 artists will participate, including the following:

APAK!, Andrice Arp, T. Edward Bak, Scott Bakal, Gary Baseman, Drew Beckmeyer, Marc Bell, Mike Bertino, John Black, Jill Bliss, Jon Boam, Aaron Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Chris Buzelli, Brian Cairns, Lilli Carre, Christine Castro, Martin Cendreda, Katherine Chiu, Chris Cilla, Greg Clarke, Josh Cochran, Tim Cochran, Allison Cole, Jen Corace, Jennifer Daniel, Eleanor Davis, Luke Davis, Skinner Davis, Vanessa Davis, Ryan De La Hoz, Bob Dob, Doodles, Seth Drenner, Evah Fan, Korin Faught, Nina Frankel, Shannon Freshwater, Jordan Fu, Matt Furie, Nicholas Gazin, Leif Goldberg, Frieda Gossett, Katherine Guillen, Peter Hamlin, Lisa Hanawalt, Pam Henderson, Tim Hensley, Jaime Hernandez, Ryan Heshka, Paul Hornschemier, David Horvath, Mina Horvath, Patrick Hruby, Rama Hughes, Yellena James, Jeaux Janovsky, Levon Jihanian, Hellen Jo, Mark Johns, Sun Min Kim, Kinoko, Olaf LaDousse, Travis Lampe, Will Laren, Le Merde, Daniel Lim, Ben Marra, Jacob McGraw, James McShane, Brendan Monroe, Mark Murphy, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Tom Neely, Andrew Neyer, Tru Nguyen, Anders Nilsen, Saelee Oh, Martin Ontiveros, Christina Paulos, Carlos Ramos, Luke Ramsey, Ron Rege, Jesse Reklaw, Joe Rocco, Zachary Rossman, Johnny Ryan, Souther Salazar, Brooks Salzwadel, Scrappers, Chris von Szombathy, Raymond Sohn, Zack Soto, Bwana Spoons, STO, JJ Stratford, Deth P. Sun, Shirl Sun, Team Macho, Daria Tessler, Peter Thompson, Jeremy Tinder, Aiyana Udesen, Steven Weissman, Gilian Wilson, Ben Wolfinsohn, Connie Wong, Jamie Zollars, and MANY MORE

A reception for Todd, Watson, and many of the artists will be held from 6:30 - 10:00 on Saturday, December 5. For more information about the artists, the show, GR2, or Giant Robot magazine, please contact:

Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
(310) 479-7311

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Double Punch San Francisco Nov. 21st.

Double Punch Nov 21st - Dec 10th, 2009

Double Punch Gallery Presents
"We Haven't Felt This Way In Years"

NOV 21st - DEC 10th 2009
Opening Reception NOV 21st 7PM till LATE
Gallery Hours Mon - Sat 11 till 7 Sun 11 till 6

Double Punch Gallery

1821 Powell St. @ Filbert
San Francisco, CA 94133

Many of the artists will be in attendance and refreshments will be served.

Alexander Martinez, Alexis Mackenzie, Andre Eamiello, AKO, Ben King, Brett Amory, Bwana Spoons, Deth P. Sun, Doodles, Frank Callozzo, Henry Gunderson, Jason Vivona, Jeremy Forson, Jessica Trippe, John Casey, Julian Duron, Kevin Taylor, Kevin Scott Hailey, Kyle Ng, Liam Devowski, Mary Syring, Mildred, Oscar Mendoza, Ryan De La Hoz, Ryan Bubnis, Scott Barry, Tara Lisa Foley, UPSO, Zach Lewis, and Zosen

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Please Be Brave (GR2, Los Angeles, CA)

Deth P. Sun "Please Be Brave", GR2 Los Angeles November 14-December 2
I have a solo show in a few weeks at GR2.
I just finished painting and drawing out the flyer.

Noel Fielding as Vlad the Impaler

Kasabian - Vlad the Impaler from Kasabian on Vimeo.



Rebecca Ebeling at Maniac Gallery (Los Angeles) Nov. 6

Our old studio mate Becky's having a show on the 6th of November in LA. If you have the chance you should make your way down there.

MANIAC presents *Bloodsugarsexmagik: To Infinity *new work by San Francisco based artist Rebecca Ebeling conjoining the spectacular and bizarre with the processed and manufactured to construct a binary alternative hosting visual segments of space, empty regions and atmospheres, (images and ideologies traditionally agreed upon) as an alternative to a consumerist adherence to ideas of the unfathomable.

I have seen Rebecca work on this show for some months now and it was exciting to see the process. She will not only have paintings but sculptures as well that are filled with shiny, beautiful pieces juxtaposed with grotesque shapes and colors. This show should prove to be a mystical space to encounter.

The show opens Friday, November 6th at 8pm.
For more information go to, Maniac Gallery

To see more of Rebecca's work go to,