Friday, December 5, 2008

While Marci's away

Marci is in Miami with friends. There's an art fair there, for those of you who do not know. She got sick right before she left, so she's just in Miami being sick. She doesn't come home until Sunday, so I've just been home alone while she's been gone.

On Tuesday I spent the day waiting for the mail. We did all our mail orders the week before so they'd come in on Tuesday. Packages came from Fedex, UPS, Golden, and the USPS. Golden's really weird. cause it's usually just some Asian guy driving a mini-van, and it kind of looks like he's just driving his own car with a bunch of Uline stuff in it. You have two options on delivery, and Golden gets to you the fastest for some strange reason. Maybe cause all the employees work from home and store all the Uline stuff in their garage? It seriously is like next day delivery at the same price as UPS at 3 day select.

That night I made a sandwich and ate it. I also made a giant salad for the next day and boiled some eggs for the next day's meal. The following morning, I woke up really early and went to the studio in the City and worked on some paintings. I worked all night and drew on panels. I slept on the couch of our studio cause BART shuts down at midnight.

Panels I drew on.

Panels I'm preparing.

Thursday I woke up in San Francisco and made my way home. I came home, filled out the last half of my orders and sent them out. I worked on my zine and printed out my dummy. A friend came over and made buttons with my button maker cause we're doing the crafts fair on Saturday at my old school. After he left, another friend came over cause he was in the neighborhood.

Which lead to today.

Today I woke up and waited for the mail. After the mail came, I made my way into the City but hopped off a stop early to go to the copy center. 3 cents a copy at this place, so I had to make a zine. I got into the City at 1, made my copies, cut my paper, collated, stapled, and finish my 50 zines by 6.

Layout for my zine. I had to edit 8 images out cause they didn't print out right and I was running out of toner. So the zine went from 40 pages to 32.

Crappy Stapler
This is a photo of my shitty fucking long neck stapler. There's a better brand, that I used to have but Marci broke it, and we had to get this one. It's cheaper cause it has plastic parts and such, including the sliding bar for adjusting where you want to stapling to happen. It doesn't lock so well, so I had to tape it down or else my zines would come out a little crooked.

Collated Piles.


Finishing up.

Trimming the edges. I should get a proper paper cutter but I only make one zine a year.

New Zine



It's just basically images of paintings from 2008. There's no words in it. I've been meaning to make a "real" zine, but just haven't had the time to do it. My next zine would hopefully be a travel zine, with my travel maps and I'll probably just make a few to give to friends. This time around I just made 50. The last time I made a zine, I did 250, and it took forever to finish collating and stapling. Also it took a really long time to get rid of them. I still have about a dozen or so left, but yeah.

Last year when I did do 250 it was cause it was a lot of work. I redrew everything I wanted for the zine, and it took a while to figure out what I wanted in that zine. This time around all I did was look through images of my 5"x5" paintings, photoshopped the ones I wanted, make a page layout, and printed them out. To make this zine, it took only two nights, and one afternoon.

Okay, If you got this far down, I'm really sorry for making the most boring post ever.

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