Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rice Gruel

Marci made Chicken Rice Soup. It kind of reminds me of my Mom's Rice Porridge. Marci even thinly sliced ginger and shredded her chicken. Also she later added green onions.

When my mom got back from Cambodia she brought me back postcards, a t-shirt that was a little short and 75% polyester, and a bag of dried shrimp. I like to think I don't eat things from third world countries, unless they're canned or dried. Sorry if you're reading this from a third world country. Uhh..

So yeah. I used to eat this, almost exactly this, every Saturday for a about three years until we moved to San Diego from Santa Ana when I was little. I'd eat this, and then get on my BMX bike, "Excalibur" and ride around my block endlessly until sundown.

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Paul Solis said...

mmmmmmm sounds good.