Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Book Buying

Marci's been sick, so while running errands I went to go buy her a novel to read while she's in bed. She wanted some teen vampire trash novel which was kind of embarrassing to ask for. I was Downtown in San Francisco cause I was buying art supplies and I wanted to see this Nieves exhibit, but it was in some fancy girl boutique, and I didn't want to go in there. So from there I went to get her that book. So I stumbled into the Westfield Mall and it took me like 45 fucking minutes to find the Borders. Usually when I'm there I'm just following behind Marci, or when I'm by myself I just use the Westfield for either the bathroom or to get a cream puff. But yeah. I found that book there. I bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard for myself. It's a really fast read, I read the first two installments while on the BART.

I don't know. I got out of the Mall, and earlier today I had looked up the new Kramers Ergot 7 on Amazon. The book is $125, but you can get it on Amazon for $78.85, but it's listed as a Pre-Order, even though it's been out for over a month. Not to come off as being weird, or an alarmist, BUT the last time I wanted a low run artist book, I looked it up on Amazon, and it was priced 35% off, but it never went out for sale, and I ended up not getting it. So uh, I just got on BART and made my way to Comic's Relief and bought the Kramers Ergot there (which by the way is where I first saw Kramers Ergot 4, while hanging out with Evah for the first time when I was like 23 and before she'd moved to Berkeley). Also, they're re-releasing Kramers Ergot 4, apparently in Hardcover for $40. Back then you could have gotten it soft-bound for $24.


Yes, yes. By the way, Carrying the Kramers Ergot 7 around on public transit makes you feel like a total dipshit cause it's so fucking obnoxiously huge. Also you can't put it anywhere proper on your bookshelf. It's so big they could fit the names of all 40+ contributors on the spine. But, god damn, it's the sweetest book, and at $125 is totally fucking worth it.

Here's a list of the most Expensive Books I've Bought for Myself:
1. Kramers Ergot 7 $125.
2. Os Gemeos' Nike Book $100
3. Todd Hido's "House Hunting $85.
4. Mt. Eerie Pt. 6&7 $64.

Yeah, It's a short list. I could claim other books that were suppose to be higher, but cause I worked at a book store or cause I knew someone, I got a discount so those don't really count. I'd also like to add, that of those 3 previously bought books I only really go back and look through the Todd Hido book. I'm pretty sure I'll be looking through the new Kramers Ergot though, cause I do with 4-6 all the time.

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Nancy said...

I sat in on a panel with the guys who did KE7, not having any idea what it was. Sounds pretty great, though, and they gave some good insight, even if it was a whole "too many cooks" situation (lots of people on the panel, only 2 people talking most of the time).