Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Brendan started an etsy shop so he came over to make buttons with my button maker (cause he has to fill it with stuff to sell). Near the end he showed me how to make bacon. I tried surprising Marci with a Bacon/Avocado/Turkey Sandwich but the smell of bacon grease in the air woke her up.

I made a small salad for myself. Later I boiled eggs cause I'm going into the City tomorrow to actually try and get some real work done.

Uh, I know, if you don't know me, you'd probably think this is the dumbest post ever. It's just, probably a year ago, the only thing I could do cooking wise was making myself a grilled pastrami and put the kettle on. My small list of things I can cook/put together/do in the kitchen now is:

1. Make a Sandwich.
2. Mash Potatoes.
3. Boil Eggs.
4. Toss a Salad.
5. Fry Pork Chops &Latkas.
6. Make Eggs Over Easy.
7. Cook Corned Beef and Cabbage.
8. Grill a Cheese Sandwich.
9. Fry Bacon.

Uh, I'm trying to set a new thing to cook once every two weeks and then hopefully I'll get better at them.

I was sick for a day, but miraculously I'm feeling better now. Probably thanks to Marci's chicken soup the other night.

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