Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All Night

I've been staying over at the studio a lot by myself drawing on all these small little panels. It kind of feels like I traded working alone at home in a warm one bedroom apartment for working alone, in the City, in a drafty 1100 square foot studio. Only without the cat hair, and the space large enough to do anything I want.

Almost Done
The pile is the stuff I finished drawing on. The ones that are laid out are the last six I have to prepare. My friend, Derek cut most of the wood for me, and had to cut 4 extra 7"x7" panels for me. He works at a cabinet place in the city and the wood he gathers and cuts for me were from the scrap pile. I still owe him big, cause without him I couldn't do this project. All I got for him was a large Costco bottle of Maker's and a print to give someone.

What I have to Finish
Yes, yes. I'm trying to finish this all before December 31st cause we're going out of town soon afterwards. I'll have these paintings in a show in January on the 10th in Oakland.


The other day I never really finished my post cause I forgot about the second half. The 3 hours of sleep might have something to do with that. So here's the rest of that post.


The documentaries I watched this week while drawing were:
A 4 part documentary of the Medici Family (I watched the last one without you, Marci. Sorry, I'm an ass-hole).
The Weather Underground. Pretty sweet.
Lewis & Clark.
Muhammed Ali: Made in Miami.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony.
A&E's George Washington. Did you know Marci's a descendant of Washington. When they said he was hot tempered and 6'3", uh, I saw the connection (The men in Marci's family are all pretty tall).
Most Honorable Son.
The Golden Gate Bridge.
Mount Rushmore.
The Kellogg Brothers. Good.
Two Days in April. Actually pretty good.

Thank Whomever for Netflix instant viewing.
Spreadsheet of what I have done so far.
Someday, this will be me:


Nancy said...

For the show at Rowan Morrison, no? Can't wait to see it.

And thanks so much for the painting! I love it so much. Though, I don't actually know how to go about hanging it - got any pointers?

Deth said...

yeah! it's at Rowan Morrison on the 10th.

no problem on the painting. I remember you mentioned liking it on this blog so i thought you might like it.
uh, you could either put a hanging bracket on it, use velcro, or use three 1.25 inch nails, and have the panel sit on two with the other on top.

sorry it took a while to respond. on the intertoob off and on.