Friday, December 26, 2008

Richard Scarry and this Painting I Made

I made this the other day.

Little House 2

It made me remember Richard Scarry.

I had spent the night in the studio so the next day as I was making my way downtown but the tram was slowing down to a crawl into the station. It took about 30 minutes to get from the last station outside the tunnel from Mission Bay to Embarcadero Station. Another station downtown had a power outage so both the Muni and the BART were both stopped up (If you're not from the Bay Area, the BART is the train I take home to Oakland, Muni is SF's public bus/tram system). So instead of waiting in a station for some unknown period of time I decided to go to a bookstore instead.

It was fucking crazy, cause it was the day before Christmas Eve. But I made my way to a small bookstore on 2nd Street, and I found this book:

It's a compilation book of Richard Scarry's work. You can also get it online here.

This was the image I was thinking about while drawing my painting. I had thought about it all night, so when my commute had slowed down I decided I should find this image. It's from Richard Scarry's "The Best Word Book Ever", which my mother owns, and I looked at this particular image a lot when I was little. I taught myself perspective when I was twelve and would go back to this image and wonder why he never thought to use perspective, or why everything was so off, or why there were no hallways. It truly boggled my mind, and I couldn't really wrap my tiny 7th grade little head around it. Back then, I was just unable to grasp artistic liberties (if you're wondering in 7th Grade all I drew were fighter jets, yeah not so sweet). From then on I didn't really think too much of Richard Scarry.

Growing up the Richard Scarry Book was never in my bookcase, cause it was always understood that it was my mom's and I never really figured out why. But after a while I realised it was one of the books that help teach my mom English. She did come here when she was 17, and it was a Giant Word book. If you were foreign and got dumped into some English speaking country, this would be the book for you to help figure out what everything was. I think there were some slight problems, cause you know, some drawings can be identified by different words to varying degree. I used to refer to all lettuce as salad for a really long time, like until I was 19. But overall my mom's grasp on the English language is pretty spot on for someone whose never took a class until recently.

I enjoyed this image. Someone should make a zine with this title. Earlier in the month Marci bought Gemma Correll's Everybody's Book of Kittens. It's a pretty f-ing cute zine, and the drawings are pretty awesome.

I really enjoyed the foreign city series. Among others he covers Rome, Paris, London and Algeria. The Algerian story is called, "Couscous, the Algerian Detective". It's really weird cause when he wrote and drew that, probably The Algerian War had just ended.

I believed he later in life moved to Europe and raised his family there. A few years ago I wikipedia-d him and, it stated his daughter was a well known New York socialite and found a interview of her that was kind of depressing. You can get this book in other languages if wanted to learn something foreign. But you'd probably have to at least know how to buy something online that's in another language. Uh.

But yes. These were my notes for stuff to draw I made while hanging out downtown.
Painting Notes

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All Night

I've been staying over at the studio a lot by myself drawing on all these small little panels. It kind of feels like I traded working alone at home in a warm one bedroom apartment for working alone, in the City, in a drafty 1100 square foot studio. Only without the cat hair, and the space large enough to do anything I want.

Almost Done
The pile is the stuff I finished drawing on. The ones that are laid out are the last six I have to prepare. My friend, Derek cut most of the wood for me, and had to cut 4 extra 7"x7" panels for me. He works at a cabinet place in the city and the wood he gathers and cuts for me were from the scrap pile. I still owe him big, cause without him I couldn't do this project. All I got for him was a large Costco bottle of Maker's and a print to give someone.

What I have to Finish
Yes, yes. I'm trying to finish this all before December 31st cause we're going out of town soon afterwards. I'll have these paintings in a show in January on the 10th in Oakland.


The other day I never really finished my post cause I forgot about the second half. The 3 hours of sleep might have something to do with that. So here's the rest of that post.


The documentaries I watched this week while drawing were:
A 4 part documentary of the Medici Family (I watched the last one without you, Marci. Sorry, I'm an ass-hole).
The Weather Underground. Pretty sweet.
Lewis & Clark.
Muhammed Ali: Made in Miami.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony.
A&E's George Washington. Did you know Marci's a descendant of Washington. When they said he was hot tempered and 6'3", uh, I saw the connection (The men in Marci's family are all pretty tall).
Most Honorable Son.
The Golden Gate Bridge.
Mount Rushmore.
The Kellogg Brothers. Good.
Two Days in April. Actually pretty good.

Thank Whomever for Netflix instant viewing.
Spreadsheet of what I have done so far.
Someday, this will be me:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Forest City Rockers Ep. II


The Forest City Rockers - Episode 2 from Eighty Four Films on Vimeo.

Los Angeles


I believe that's the Moon, then that's Venus, and then that's Jupiter.
Venus is the second brightest heavenly body you can see, and Jupiter is the 3rd.
I could be wrong, though. So don't really quote me on that.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ok, more stuff.

I'm really sorry. I'm just interneting looking for things to draw from. Sometimes I find things and save them on my desktop cause I think they're kind of weird or that Marci might find them funny. But yeah. No idea where I found this, I just re-found on my desktop.

How Awesome is this?

The Coat of Arms of the Irkutsk, a city in Siberia.

The following description is from Irkutsk Wikipedia page:
The emblem of Irkutsk features an old symbol of Dauria: a Siberian tiger with a sable in his mouth. When the emblem was devised in 1690, the animal was described as a tiger ("babr", a bookish word of Persian derivation) with a sable in his mouth. This image had been used by the Yakutsk customs office from about 1642. It has its origin in a seal of the Siberia Khanate representing a sable and showcasing the fact that Siberia (or rather Yugra) was the main source of sable fur throughout the Middle Ages. (Actually, the English word "sable" is derived from the Russian "sobol").

By the mid-19th century, the word "babr" had fallen out of common usage, but it was still recorded in the Armorial of the Russian Empire. Furthermore, the tigers became extinct in this part of Siberia. In the 1870s, a high-placed French heraldist with a limited command of Russian assumed that "babr" was a misspelling of "bobr", the Russian word for "beaver", and changed the wording accordingly. This modification engendered a long dispute between the local authorities, who were so confused by the revised description that they started to depict the "babr" as a fabulous animal, half-tiger and half-beaver.

Uh, I thought it was a weasel with a dead chipmunk in it's mouth, but a half-tiger/half beaver is way more awesome.

Monster Stamps

by Adam McCauley.

Saturday Painting Day




Yeah. We all have the same type of headphones.

Notes to Self

Notes to myself.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I forgot about these.

While digging around I found a box of brushes I stashed away so I wouldn't burn through them all at once. A long time ago W&N decided to discontinue the brush series that I loved so much, so I decided to buy a bunch in bulk. But then I put them away and couldn't find them until today. I've gone on for the past year or so using other brushes, that it's kind of funny finding them now. $100 worth of brushes shoved in a box in the bottom of no where.

I guess it really is that cold.

Marci's been complaining how cold it's been, but she complains every year. But this morning we got to the car and the windows were covered in a thin coat of ice.
I had to get out and scrape the ice off the windows with a paper plate.

in the Morning.

Natural Disaster Hotspots

Uh, according to this Map, if you want to lower the risk of dying from a Natural Disaster avoid, Arkansas, West Texas, The Four Corners and The Dakotas. The thing is, all those places are in the most isolated areas. Maybe all those people died of natural disasters cause there was no one around to help.

Article Link.

Other Maps

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Zach's New Print

OUr friend Zach also made a new print. It's only $22. You can get it here on Little Paper Planes.

Marci's New Print

Marci made a small run of prints. You can get it here at Little Paper Planes. She made 25; they're 12"x14" and they're $60. Yeah. So if you want to give a print of a decapitated head to a loved one, you now know where to go.

The print is actually pretty sweet. They used bamboo paper to match the skin tone, so there's no ink where her head is, just like Marci's painting. This print was made by the very nice folks at IO Labs in Pawtucket, RI.

Rice Gruel

Marci made Chicken Rice Soup. It kind of reminds me of my Mom's Rice Porridge. Marci even thinly sliced ginger and shredded her chicken. Also she later added green onions.

When my mom got back from Cambodia she brought me back postcards, a t-shirt that was a little short and 75% polyester, and a bag of dried shrimp. I like to think I don't eat things from third world countries, unless they're canned or dried. Sorry if you're reading this from a third world country. Uhh..

So yeah. I used to eat this, almost exactly this, every Saturday for a about three years until we moved to San Diego from Santa Ana when I was little. I'd eat this, and then get on my BMX bike, "Excalibur" and ride around my block endlessly until sundown.

The other day

On my way to the studio I realised I forgot to make a meal for lunch so I went the the 7-11 on Market and 2nd, on the North End Side (Not to be confused with the one on 3rd and Market on the South Side next to the Del Tacos, or the one three shops down from Pearl's on Market between 5th and 6th), and bought this Chorizo Burrito. It's kind of like a combination of a breakfast burrito and a California Burrito. The Chorizo was alright, It kind of looked like it had the texture of cat food, but yeah. I ate it.

The Japanese bought out 7-11 a while back and started expanding a little more in the City. Like how they opened up 3 7-11 on the same street only a few block in between. You can kind of tell the new ones from the old ones cause they have fresh produce, Japanese candy and snacks (pocky, those gummi's, assorted hi-chew, wasabi peas), and their lunch items are a little different. I don't know why, and I never really looked into it. I've never been to a 7-11 outside of the Bay Area since they got bought out so I don't know what they're like in other towns. I tried going on the East Coast but there weren't any in walking distance in either NYC or Yarmouth Port from where we were staying. When I was in LA I didn't notice a difference either. I guess cause I never really looked, that and the 7-11 I went to were in walking distance from Sawtelle.

Uh, yes.

I got to the studio and as I started working air raid sirens went off for a few minutes.
Public Service Alarm, goes off at 12 noon every Tuesday, right in front of our Studio Windows
The speakers are right out front of our windows and they go on every Tuesday at Noon.

I got this illustration job that I'm suppose to be working on. They asked me a few weeks ago, but it took them time for me to get to know what they want. I had to deal with the person handling the illustration job first and not the actual art director. It was for some Medical Magazine or something. I don't know. I didn't think I fit, but told them I could do it. All I was told is the the article was to have an illustration of cells fighting off bacteria. How do you illustrate that? So I was like, "Like, do you want me to draw Osmosis Jones?" But she couldn't tell me. But eventually after a few weeks of waiting, I found out all I had to do was draw one of my characters with a shield deflecting arrows. That sounds pretty easy.


Off the 4th Street Exit into the City.

Visit Israel
"Visit Israel. Different from the Israel in the News."

We were getting burittos at El Farolito and noticed a What Cheer? Brigade Sticker.
What Cheer? Brigade Sticker in SF

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Map


I found this while thumbing through our Flickr. Uh, A long time ago I was e-mailing with a friend who had just moved to LA from back East, and he was telling me how it was hard meeting girls. I told him about this map I saw in National Geographics and that he should move back as soon as possible. See that huge blue spot, that's LA.

Yeah, that's all I got. He still lives in LA, and he did find a girl. So you can't let maps in National Geographics tell you how to live your life is the moral of this story. Or listen to ass-holes with subscriptions to magazines who take pictures of said maps and send you image files through e-mails to prove a point.

BTW, LA is a pit.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Brendan started an etsy shop so he came over to make buttons with my button maker (cause he has to fill it with stuff to sell). Near the end he showed me how to make bacon. I tried surprising Marci with a Bacon/Avocado/Turkey Sandwich but the smell of bacon grease in the air woke her up.

I made a small salad for myself. Later I boiled eggs cause I'm going into the City tomorrow to actually try and get some real work done.

Uh, I know, if you don't know me, you'd probably think this is the dumbest post ever. It's just, probably a year ago, the only thing I could do cooking wise was making myself a grilled pastrami and put the kettle on. My small list of things I can cook/put together/do in the kitchen now is:

1. Make a Sandwich.
2. Mash Potatoes.
3. Boil Eggs.
4. Toss a Salad.
5. Fry Pork Chops &Latkas.
6. Make Eggs Over Easy.
7. Cook Corned Beef and Cabbage.
8. Grill a Cheese Sandwich.
9. Fry Bacon.

Uh, I'm trying to set a new thing to cook once every two weeks and then hopefully I'll get better at them.

I was sick for a day, but miraculously I'm feeling better now. Probably thanks to Marci's chicken soup the other night.

Book Buying

Marci's been sick, so while running errands I went to go buy her a novel to read while she's in bed. She wanted some teen vampire trash novel which was kind of embarrassing to ask for. I was Downtown in San Francisco cause I was buying art supplies and I wanted to see this Nieves exhibit, but it was in some fancy girl boutique, and I didn't want to go in there. So from there I went to get her that book. So I stumbled into the Westfield Mall and it took me like 45 fucking minutes to find the Borders. Usually when I'm there I'm just following behind Marci, or when I'm by myself I just use the Westfield for either the bathroom or to get a cream puff. But yeah. I found that book there. I bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard for myself. It's a really fast read, I read the first two installments while on the BART.

I don't know. I got out of the Mall, and earlier today I had looked up the new Kramers Ergot 7 on Amazon. The book is $125, but you can get it on Amazon for $78.85, but it's listed as a Pre-Order, even though it's been out for over a month. Not to come off as being weird, or an alarmist, BUT the last time I wanted a low run artist book, I looked it up on Amazon, and it was priced 35% off, but it never went out for sale, and I ended up not getting it. So uh, I just got on BART and made my way to Comic's Relief and bought the Kramers Ergot there (which by the way is where I first saw Kramers Ergot 4, while hanging out with Evah for the first time when I was like 23 and before she'd moved to Berkeley). Also, they're re-releasing Kramers Ergot 4, apparently in Hardcover for $40. Back then you could have gotten it soft-bound for $24.


Yes, yes. By the way, Carrying the Kramers Ergot 7 around on public transit makes you feel like a total dipshit cause it's so fucking obnoxiously huge. Also you can't put it anywhere proper on your bookshelf. It's so big they could fit the names of all 40+ contributors on the spine. But, god damn, it's the sweetest book, and at $125 is totally fucking worth it.

Here's a list of the most Expensive Books I've Bought for Myself:
1. Kramers Ergot 7 $125.
2. Os Gemeos' Nike Book $100
3. Todd Hido's "House Hunting $85.
4. Mt. Eerie Pt. 6&7 $64.

Yeah, It's a short list. I could claim other books that were suppose to be higher, but cause I worked at a book store or cause I knew someone, I got a discount so those don't really count. I'd also like to add, that of those 3 previously bought books I only really go back and look through the Todd Hido book. I'm pretty sure I'll be looking through the new Kramers Ergot though, cause I do with 4-6 all the time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter Crafts Fair

Evah and Brendan

CCA Crafts Fair

CCA Crafts Fair

CCA Crafts Fair

Brendan, Evah and I did the crafts fair together at CCA in Oakland. Uh, if you live in the Bay Area you can do this fair, and you don't have to be a student or an alumni. It's seriously the sweetest fair, cause it's a few blocks away from home, it's super mellow, it lasts only 4 hours, and it's free, and they give you tables. We like it more than when we did APE together, and for me it's kind of like a mini-college reunion every time I do it. Only, sadly, there are no name tags, and sometimes I forget people's names. Seriously walking down the fair is like a gauntlet of people whose names I've forgotten.

I bumped into an old friend who I hadn't seen since I was 23. She got me my first job that wasn't school related to school at a sandwich shop on Telegraph when I was 21, I bought her and our other friend Blake beer on my 21st birthday (I didn't drink, but I wanted the experience of buying something I had to get carded for), and we actually shared a table once at the crafts fair either my junior or senior year. Uh, I left a 764-Hero/Modest Mouse EP in her car once and never got it back. I don't remember if that was a great CD or not.

I got a little head from Ben Belknap who I went to school with.

And I bought a Print from Sam Handleman.

Oh, we also bumped into one of the writers from GR. And I figured out a day to play Risk with someone.

We did pretty alright for the fair. When I was in school after each fair we'd go to the Top Dog in Long's, but Zach showed up and we can't eat that sort of stuff with him, so we ended up at Rudy's instead. Which is what we did last year.

Yes, yes.

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon

Saturday, December 6, 2008

On My Desktop

I don't know where this comes from.

On youtube the other day I found a cat shelter that makes music videos for the cats they're trying to to adopt out. I'm suppose to be getting ready to leave but I'm doing this instead.

Kirin Zero

Kirin Zero.

Uh, my friends and I used to drink normal Kirin cause it tasted like coors light but came in a neater can. That neat can cost us an extra 10-20c, but we looked so cool drinking it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

While Marci's away

Marci is in Miami with friends. There's an art fair there, for those of you who do not know. She got sick right before she left, so she's just in Miami being sick. She doesn't come home until Sunday, so I've just been home alone while she's been gone.

On Tuesday I spent the day waiting for the mail. We did all our mail orders the week before so they'd come in on Tuesday. Packages came from Fedex, UPS, Golden, and the USPS. Golden's really weird. cause it's usually just some Asian guy driving a mini-van, and it kind of looks like he's just driving his own car with a bunch of Uline stuff in it. You have two options on delivery, and Golden gets to you the fastest for some strange reason. Maybe cause all the employees work from home and store all the Uline stuff in their garage? It seriously is like next day delivery at the same price as UPS at 3 day select.

That night I made a sandwich and ate it. I also made a giant salad for the next day and boiled some eggs for the next day's meal. The following morning, I woke up really early and went to the studio in the City and worked on some paintings. I worked all night and drew on panels. I slept on the couch of our studio cause BART shuts down at midnight.

Panels I drew on.

Panels I'm preparing.

Thursday I woke up in San Francisco and made my way home. I came home, filled out the last half of my orders and sent them out. I worked on my zine and printed out my dummy. A friend came over and made buttons with my button maker cause we're doing the crafts fair on Saturday at my old school. After he left, another friend came over cause he was in the neighborhood.

Which lead to today.

Today I woke up and waited for the mail. After the mail came, I made my way into the City but hopped off a stop early to go to the copy center. 3 cents a copy at this place, so I had to make a zine. I got into the City at 1, made my copies, cut my paper, collated, stapled, and finish my 50 zines by 6.

Layout for my zine. I had to edit 8 images out cause they didn't print out right and I was running out of toner. So the zine went from 40 pages to 32.

Crappy Stapler
This is a photo of my shitty fucking long neck stapler. There's a better brand, that I used to have but Marci broke it, and we had to get this one. It's cheaper cause it has plastic parts and such, including the sliding bar for adjusting where you want to stapling to happen. It doesn't lock so well, so I had to tape it down or else my zines would come out a little crooked.

Collated Piles.


Finishing up.

Trimming the edges. I should get a proper paper cutter but I only make one zine a year.

New Zine



It's just basically images of paintings from 2008. There's no words in it. I've been meaning to make a "real" zine, but just haven't had the time to do it. My next zine would hopefully be a travel zine, with my travel maps and I'll probably just make a few to give to friends. This time around I just made 50. The last time I made a zine, I did 250, and it took forever to finish collating and stapling. Also it took a really long time to get rid of them. I still have about a dozen or so left, but yeah.

Last year when I did do 250 it was cause it was a lot of work. I redrew everything I wanted for the zine, and it took a while to figure out what I wanted in that zine. This time around all I did was look through images of my 5"x5" paintings, photoshopped the ones I wanted, make a page layout, and printed them out. To make this zine, it took only two nights, and one afternoon.

Okay, If you got this far down, I'm really sorry for making the most boring post ever.