Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The night before the election Marci and I went through the sample ballot and looked up who were voting for, and we went through the propositions that were up. Seriously, sometimes all you have to do is look up who's for and against this stuff. Like Prop 7 where both the Democratic and Republican parties were against the initiative. But we tried reading through everything and making the best decision.

We woke up this morning and went to the polls, which is conveniently right down the street one block away. We bumped into a few friends in the early morning and there wasn't really much of a line. There was a bunch of "No on Prop 8" folks there, but really, uh, I don't know if they were really needed, cause it's Oakland (crossed fingers it will not pass).

I tried doing stuff all day but I ended up not doing anything. Actually I couldn't find my sketchbook, and I had to finish this illustration job, so I spent most of the day looking for that. And then 3 rolled around and the polls started closing so I hung out listening to the radio and watched the political dashboards on Yahoo and NPR, while also reading my friends' status updates on Facebook.

A little after 8 PM.

A little after 9 PM.

I think I might have cried if Obama lost, but he didn't so I get to save my tears for another day.

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Junkyard Sam said...

Tuesday was a wonderful night! I can't believe Prop8 passed though... sigh. One step forward, one step back.

My boy is 25% black. Spent the election eve with his grandmother and though she didn't comment much on anything racial, I could see a sparkle of hope on a really profound level in her eyes... I had the same look, too, I guess.

This election happened just in time. I'm not sure what America would look like under 4-8 years more of R "leadership."

With Bush it was war, war, war, fear, terror, war, killing, death, destruction, artistocracy, bankruptcies, crash.

And then Obama spoke and it was...


PS. Thanks for the comment on my blog. The 111Minna thing was neat, and having one of my pieces stolen was a really strange feeling. Luckily it was a print... but it reminded me of that time that weirdo graffiti'd your stuff at GR. Didn't they have video of that guy? Seems like I remember a snapshot of him looking up at the cam right after.

Anyhow, sorry to ramble.