Sunday, November 30, 2008

Two years ago.

Around 5PM

I'm going through flickr and ordering photos and came across this image of Marci in her car before we had to go to one of her shows. What I really like about flickr is that it helps you remember everything (as long as you take photos of stuff, of course).

Yeah. that's pretty much it. Do you want to know what's one of our most viewed photos on flickr? It's Jaguar Monster Truck.

Jaguar Monster Car

Uh, yeah. We were driving back up on the 5 from San Diego and stopped at a gas station and noticed it. This photo, by the way has offended a bunch of Europeans on the Internet who see it and then leave nasty comments, so I had to delete those. It's not like we made the car, we just took the photo. And it's just a car.

The most viewed photo on Flickr we have is actually the Circle J*erk Table my friend made for her BFA show a few years ago. I have to add the "*" so people looking that stuff up won't find this photo. Cause it was kind of weird. There were about 4-5 views a day of this.

Circle J*rk

Yes, yes. She started in textile and ended up in wood furniture. the spots are pits where she poured resin in. She got furniture from Ikea and returned them after the show ended.

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