Thursday, November 13, 2008

Recent Book Purchases

I bought Rick Atkinson's "The Day of Battle". It's the 2nd of a three parter of a WWII western front liberation series. I read the first one "Army at Dawn" three years ago when I lived in LA. It took me three months to read cause I half read it in the bathroom and while at work (I only worked one day a week). I've been waiting for a pretty long time for this book. Actually anticipating for the release of this book is worse than waiting for the new Harry Potter, just cause I have no idea how old Rick Atkinson is, and he could probably just die at anytime. Actually last year around this time, I read something about a delay in publication of this book but it's been out for a while. I've been waiting for it to come out in paperback. Hopefully some time soon I'll have free time to read it. It's on the list.

The first one is about the Allied Forces in North Africa. It's pretty much a day by day account of what happened, and there's a lot of really good stories put together. It's my ideal book, it non-fiction, it clear cut, you can read it in short spurts and not get lost when you get back to the text, uh there's a lot of small stories that get tied together, and there's no real overplayed emotions/patriotism other annoying stuff. This second one is about the campaign in Italy.

Yeah, uh, when I lived in LA I really got into WWII a little too much. So this is sort of uh, what's leftover from that.

I got this book on Khmer-Americans. I read it when I was 19, and I remember it being an interesting read. So I bought it used. It is kind of weird being broken down by a book. It's kind of weird cause I don't really think of myself as Khmer, since I'm only half, and uh, yeah. I haven't met a Cambodian that I wasn't related to since I left for college.

Uh, yeah. I haven't bought any other books that you read, other than the new Complete Moomin. I am looking forward to reading two comics:
Hellen Jo
Mariko and Jillian Tamaki

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Anna M. said...

"Skim" is excellent. Hope you enjoy it :)