Friday, November 21, 2008

Post-It Show 3 at GR2 in Los Angeles

Post-It Show 3

I'm in this group show at GR2 in LA on the 13th of December. I won't be there but I wish I could. They started doing these shows after we left so I've never been. But pretty much they have a pretty sweet lineup and you can get a nice drawing from an artist you like for $20. It's just non-archival.

Here's some that I've done. I have about 20 or so for it and its cash and carry. So you can't really see all the art unless you're there for the opening. Here's some photos on flickr from the last Post-It show at GR2.

Studio Visitors
We had three visits to the studio this week. One for real business for some non-profit on Sunday, Wednesday Evah, Brendan and Derek came over to see the space, and on Thursday Ferris stopped by cause he has business in the neighborhood.

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