Sunday, November 16, 2008

New York Things

Planning out another trip to NYC. Marci's going to Yaddo for three weeks!

1. Elizabeth Peyton at the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Marci's favorite painter.
2. Full Chicken shared between Ms. Washington and Ms. Finch along with other good things to eat.
3. Hotel in Midtown.
4. Muji (thanks for showing us Daniel) and Kinokuniya NY.
5. Hayden Planetarium and maybe the American Museum of Natural History.
6. Queens Museum Panorama. I wanted to go the last time we were there but I was kind of worn out so we didn't.
7. Strand Bookstore. We didn't go last time despite walking pass it four times. Maybe we'll go this time.

Our hotel is in the lower left hand corner. This by the way is the Panorama.

Pretty Amazing. This is a link to the Queens Museum Panorama.


shea shea shea said...

and grey's papaya!

Anonymous said...

I think you guys have already been to Greys! I don't know why Californians love that place so much. 2nd, I live 3 blocks away from the Queens Museum, let me know if you're going and I can literally, I mean LITERALLY, walk right over.