Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ever since I discovered there was such thing as a Moominworld I've been trying to scheme a way to get to Finland. Uh, I don't know how I'm going to get there, but the first stop is to move to somewhere cheaper for a while, save up while paying off the rest of my student loans, and then getting to Finland. People ask me why and then I say, "Cause of Moominworld". But most everyone here don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. So I just say it's really close to St. Petersburg and Peter the Great was my favorite Czar.

Yes, yes. Moomin's Day in Finland is August 9th, which happens to be our anniversary. Coincidence? Probably.

Yeah. I'm from California. We don't have winter. I think a lot about living in a colder climate. The coldest I've ever been was when I went to visit Portland, in around 2006. My old roommate showed up at my door at 10 pm and was like, "Do you want to go to Portland?". And I was just like, "Yeah, that sounds pretty cool".

Around the time we went over the border to Oregon was when I was having some second thoughts. Cause my friend is sort of blind in one eye and sees in 2-D. And we were on icy roads and it was f'ing pitched black. Also his window was busted but he wanted to smoke while driving, so his window was kind of open half the time while driving up.

That wasn't the coldest I've been. This is leading up to the coldest I ever been. Sorry my stories are pretty long winded and sometimes they don't really lead to anywhere.

The coldest I've ever been was sleeping over at my friend Chris' house. It was a pretty sweet house, but Chris just moved up there so the room I was sleeping in was kind of bare; just a mattress, two blankets and a space heater. He also had a turtle down there under a heat lamp but he was hibernating. I had the space heater on full blast but the temperature sat at 40-45 the entire night. It was so cold I couldn't sleep and I just sat there re-reading a magazine I bought on the way up just trying not to think how cold it is. When I got back from that trip I just never wanted to go anywhere north of Marin, ever.

That trip wasn't so bad, cause I got to hang out with an old friend. He showed me his painting studio which was pretty sweet. It was next to a train track. They do this thing where they run up and hop on slow moving trains and take it up the road for a while and get off. Got to see some old friends from Oakland who moved up there. It was kind of weird trip. I didn't have a camera on me.

But yeah. I don't know. I think I changed my mind about wanting to move somewhere warmer when I developed this allergy to wheat. It kind of sucks but not really. It just gets pretty bad when the weather is pretty warm. Like I can get a heat stroke or break out in hives if I'm outside when things go wrong. Before I figured out my allergy I just sat at home all day and just worked while being sick so I netflixed a bunch of nature stuff, and I got into Ingmar Bergman films (he's Swedish). Then I found pictures of Moominworld while dicking around flickr. I also read up on some articles on Iceland and Finland. I don't know. Sometimes my mind gets fixated on an idea and I think, "Yeah, that would make my life better". Not moving to Finland, but trying out a colder climate. Or going to somewhere colder.

Yeah, that's basically what I have on my mind these days.

Uh, Marci has this folder on my desktop titled, "Ugly Republicans".

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