Friday, November 14, 2008

In the Studio

New Studio

This is a photo from the second day of being in our studio. We're sharing a space with friends in Dogspatch. It's just been Marci and I for the past week, but hopefully some more folks will trickle in. We have to build walls still, but we just got a refrigerator so that means it's pretty f'ing official.

It's really sweet having a place to paint that's not in your house. I end up getting more stuff done way more faster just cause I know I'm going into the city and there's no cats trying to distract me or getting into my stuff.

But our house is kind of getting a little trashed cause it's just the cats and I'm not around to clean up right after them. Like finding cat puke underneath Marci's paper work cause they tried burying it and there's like tumbleweeds of cat hair going through the living room. But yeah.

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