Sunday, November 16, 2008

In the Morning

The best part of the morning before getting to the studio is making lunch together. Marci makes herself a sandwich and I make myself a salad. It's like packing for a picnic, only we're going to work.


The worst part about good weather is the traffic that happens when there isn't suppose to be traffic. Where a 20 minute drive turns into an hour and people drive slowly over the bridge so they can enjoy the view of the City.


In the Evening
Our studio windows faces west and you can see straight through this house that's perched atop of the hill. It looks real close but it not, but you can see the top of the Sutro Towers to the right of it. You can see the light of the setting sun through it's windows.



michelle said...

our studio is radass.

Junkyard Sam said...

Sigh. I miss San Francisco. I didn't realize how much I liked it there until I left.