Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I had to pick up Hi-Tec-Cs in the City the other day. My 0.4 ran out, and Marci accidentally busted up my 0.25. I get them in Japantown, but you can get them online at like, Jetpen. They're nice pens to work with, unless you're one of those people who don't know how to draw softly, then I wouldn't really recommend you using them. They have small ball-points, which basically means you don't have to scrape the paper with them; instead you gently roll the pen along the paper and watch yourself make the most precise pen drawing ever.

I just use the pens to draw out text for the back of exhibition postcards, and to draw out images for my button sets.

Box of Buttons

That day I got them I hung out with an old friend, we got lunch at Over the Bridge. He got something that looked like a moco loco but with curry instead of gravy and no mac salad on the side. I just got chicken curry over rice cause I didn't want my heart to stop. We went to see Religulous cause it had just started and we would have to wait 2 hours to see another movie that wasn't Changeling.


Junkyard Sam said...

I love entries about materials, like the pens. There's something exciting about traditional mediums when my work is Cintiq based all day long.

Entries like this make me daydream about getting away from the monitor.

Another entry along the same lines I liked was reading about how y'all acquire wood to paint on.

Speedmaster said...

I love that first pic.

Deth said...

oh, thanks. too bad i just found it somewhere on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Is this Japantown in NYC? And are they cheaper there than online?

Deth said...

I don't know if they have a Japantown in NYC, but they have Kinokuniya, which is where I buy their pens in the stationary store.

I don't buy them online, cause I'd feel obligated to buy them in bulk, and if i buy them in bulk then I'd probably never use them all cause I'd just lose some, and I'm not so down with wasting stuff. But It's probably cheaper online. You can get one at the Japantown in the City for $3.70.