Saturday, November 29, 2008

Apple Cider Donuts

The last time we went to go visit Marci's grandparents in Camino, we stopped into an Apple Orchard to pick up Apple Cider for Donald from the Library. When we got there, it was really early, and Marci bought two big things of Cider and I asked her if she'd get me a donut. I told her she should get one but she declined. Then when she saw them put the dough into the fryer, she asked for two.

Apple Cider Donut
This time around we didn't get them deep fried before our very eyes. Maybe cause it was a little after noon and not at 9 in the morning. It also looked like they didn't use a donut cutter, and shaped the donuts by hand (which actually was pretty sweet, cause there were more crispy bits with more edges and such).

After taking a photo of that menu, it's actually the first time I read it all the way straight through. I don't know what an Apple Crisp is, and I didn't know they had a Berry Cobbler. I just saw "Donut" and instantly thought I should have it.

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Nancy said...

Apple Crisp:

Berry Cobbler:

A crisp is usually a dessert-ish thing with pieces of apple and such mixed with crumbly stuff.

Cobbler is usually fruit and syrup topped with biscuit/crust matter.

The donut looks awesome! I imagine it must've been great when it was freshly fried.