Thursday, October 9, 2008


Trying to Work

Uh, Sorry, I'm just going to redo this post. Basically I just wanted to show you these two photos I thought were funny.

Telling Batman what's what.
Here's a picture from last Halloween. It kind of looks like Marci's telling Batman what's what, but she's actually just telling him she likes his costume. There was an open bar.

Yeah. I've been sick, my macbook died (but i didn't lose everything, cause I backed up everything, but I really hate going to the Apple Store and the Dead Mall), I have to go to LA without Marci and until this week I didn't even know I was going to get down there. Yeah, I probably shouldn't be posting stuff while I'm feeling so negative.


Junkyard Sam said...

* Sorry if this appears multiple times, I can't tell if this is being accepted or bounced via the CAPTCHA wordmatching anti-spam thing. Trying one more time. Ugh

"Voter" fraud or "Election" fraud? Two very different things...

The VOTER fraud issue (which is very small, actually negligible in its effect on elections) was brought on by conservative thinktanks to counter the very REAL threat of election fraud. The Republican party is using a whole stack of methods to stop voting... Vote caging, name-matching in felon-can't-vote states (not counting votes of someone just because they have the same NAME as someone who was a felon), now they're using address mismatches to block votes of people who have foreclosed on their homes, and worst of all are the electronic voting machines (and even scantron machines) -- it's a VERY real problem.

So the votER fraud issue is a fake one designed to confuse the issue... And NPR is getting worse and worse about covering such things as they accept more and more corporate funding.

Anyhow, I don't mean to rant... I just hope to god we get this country on a better track before it's really too late.

Not that Obama is anywhere near as populist as I'd want, he's 10000 times better than this McCain... And I figure with all the election fraud he needs to be maybe 7-10 pts ahead in the polls to win.

You know - before the electronic voting machines, exit polls were always very accurate... Then the very year they were introduced widespread - suddenly the exit polls weren't accurate anymore. Coincidence? We use exit polls to monitor elections in other countries... :-/

Anyhow, sorry to rant on your blog. Maybe you meant election fraude... but I am hearing more and more people concerned about voter fraud thanks to stupid CNN & FOX -- and it's like, nononono!!! The problem's on the other side of the power structure. etc...

Hardcore stuff is going down man... It's scary stuff for people who care about little things like... out votes. =(

Deth said...

Yeah, I meant voter fraud. The show had most of that stuff you were talking about. They also talked a lot about voter intimidation. Stuff like that.

Yeah, I don't know. I don't really like Obama, I was hoping for Clinton, but he's better that other guy.