Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm in an group show in LA.

Here are some of the paintings for it.

In The Woods, Meeting Up With Giant Wolf

In Water with Rays

Darkness Coming
16x20 Acrylic on Wood. Completed 9/29.
I was pretty much done with this first. I just didn't get around to doing the black cause I didn't feel like doing it.

Automatic Writing (2)

Into the Cave

Resting with Feet in Water

At The Edge of the Forest

Marci really hasn't had the time to post on this blog by the way. She's been busy with working and finishing up these two paintings. She got accepted to Yaddo, which is a a residency in upstate New York. She'll be there in January, which would be really sweet. East Coast winter in a mansion and all you have to do is paint while someone else is feeding you. Yeah, that sounds pretty sweet.

Last Sunday she went to our friend Dave's opening of an auto shop in the City. He showed her his new kitten. She's Persian, and is sort of a "flop" cat.

New Kitten


Nitasha Deogun said...

Nice! I like this new series of paintings. And that is the cutest damn kitten, omg

beau b said...

its ok deth. looking forward to getting you down here. we can get you a burger fri night.