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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bert and Ernie Explore a Pyramid

When I was a kid, anything having to do with ancient Egypt totally fascinated me. I used to love it when this sketch came on Sesame Street. I was talking to some friends last night who had never seen it, so here it is so you can all revel in the spooky mystery of Bert and Ernie poking around an ancient Egyptian tomb. This was my other favorite part of Sesame Street:


Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes, I'm really 10 years old.

Today we have to go into the city for a friend's opening and I went online calculating our BART fare. It costs more to take BART into the city rather than just driving. Marci was like, "I wonder if BART's the most expensive pubic transit system?"

So I googled it. Chicago is.

Then I remember someone saying that the Fresno public transit was named, "Fresno Area Rapid Transit". It's not, but they were thinking about it. I googled it, and found out that Seattle has The S.L.U.T..

Yes, this is what I do with my mornings.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going to LA

I had to go to LA. It wasn't the best trip, but that mostly had to do with getting sick right before leaving town. I had to drop off paintings for a show down there. I could have shipped them earlier and not have gone down but I really didn't plan that far ahead. I don't know. When I got back I just got slammed with being even more sick. The little sleep I got, being on the 5 for 8 hours twice, and drinking makers after the opening probably added up to that.

It was really windy
On the way down we stopped at one of those fruit stands on the 5. I got a ride with my friend, Joe, and his wife, Laura, doesn't eat fast food, which is all that's on the 5. It was really windy inside, but you could still hear the freeway. Uh, there were more nuts in there that actual fruit. Also most of the fruit was dried. I got some dried mangos that weren't so sweet.

honey with a comb

I bought this jar of honey. We just ran out at home when Marci used the last of it on making hot toddy. The hot toddy was pretty good but I wouldn't recommend it for a party cause it just made everyone really sleepy. Marci used the left over toddy to marinate a pork loin.

When we got to LA we dropped off Laura in Burbank, and then dropped off the paintings at the gallery. I asked Joe if we could eat at either one of these two places that I used to eat at by myself when I lived in LA. The first one was Big Tomy's under the freeway on Sepulveda. But Joe drove by it and said, "No". The last time I conned Joe to eating at a place that served chili, he got the runs so he was kind of weary after seeing it so we ended up at Benitos on Santa Monica and Federal.

By the way, I would never recommend these places to people visiting LA looking for a good place to eat, just cause well, they're not that great and I only wanted to eat at them for nostalgic reason. I ate at Big Tomy's cause I could get a burger with an egg over easy on it with bacon and avocado and get a shake while walking home after work. For me at the the time, it was like, "Where else could you get that, spend less than $10, and have that on the walk back home". I used to eat there after hanging out at the Best Buy, too, or Anawalt Lumber on Pico and Sepulveda. My other way of walking back home was to cross over on Olympic so I could walk pass the 7-11.

This photo is from 2004 when we went to go visit LA and first discover Benitos. Benitos is sort of one of those destinations you go to when you had a night of drinking and you want some sort of warm food in you. The things you get there are the rolled tacos or the California Burrito, and it's just LA taco shop fast food. I used to eat here cause it's next to the two art supply stores (The Blick closed it's doors and was a Halloween shop when we were down there), and there's a decent magazine stand next to the Von's.

When we got there, everyone eating there were people in their college sweats or folks who looked like they were dressed up to go clubbing.

I stayed with our friend, Carolline, who we stay with every time we go down to LA. She has the comfiest couch (but the worse shower ever, it just dribbles water on you; sorry Carolline that I'm telling everyone your shower sucks). The next day I didn't really feel like doing anything but I was on the on the phone with Marci and she told me I had to do something cause I was in LA. So Carolline and I went and ate at Star of India, and she took me to her friend's Panorama, and we rented "The Great Muppet Caper". I really hate Miss Piggy. I think out of all the Muppet movies, "The Muppet Movie" is probably the best one. I really can't remember "Muppets Take Manhattan", and the pirate and the space ones were pretty shitty. I kind of fell asleep near the end.

Ogi and his girlfriend (whose name I don't know how to spell)
I got to see Ogi, and meet his girlfriend. He was in the show with me. I only see him when he's out here for shows cause he moved back to Tokyo. The last time we were in a different town for an art show was February of 2007. We took the train up together from Oakland to Portland. It was alright. It was really pretty but I think it took 18 hours (it was really last minute). I saw a bear hanging out on the river, and snow on the tracks. We were in the last car and Ogi took a sweet photo out the back window.

Kelly and Ferris
I was dicking around the internet before the show, and read that Kelly and Ferris had a show nearby and wondered if they were in town. Then there they were. It was pretty sweet. I walked with them down the street to see the Ai Yamaguchi show.

Me with Conor
I got to see Conor, who just moved to LA to work as a freelance photographer. One of his last jobs he got to work on was for The Food Network. It's some show where some dude goes up to people randomly and asks to cook with them. It sounds pretty funny, but when someone mentioned that it seemed perfect for Conor cause he's used to have a food photography website (he took it down). It was really good to see him, and I think he's really liking it down there.

Carolline, who I stayed with. I met her while working at Giant Robot.

Aaron came. I met Aaron, while working at Giant Robot. Aaron is pretty cool. He makes weird paintings, like this one of a tree birthing a hippie for the Tree Show in San Francisco.

Aaron Brown


Pretty much I got the job cause I was moving to another town, I thought I should somehow get out of the house. GR was down the street, I have art shows with them, I read their magazine since I was 17, uh, I knew about everything in the store, and I used to work at GRSF, so I asked Eric for a job for a day out of the week and he gave it to me.

Mr. J. Long
And there was also Jack, who I also met while working at GR. He came to town a few months before I left. I really wished he came down sooner to LA so I could hang out with him more.

Giant Spiderweb
Someone made a giant spider web on their front lawn.

Late Night Snack
We went back to Carolline's, played cards and drank whiskey with coke. Joe came back and drove us to, uh, Benitos.

Yeah, well, I find it weird that I was in LA, and two of the three meals I had were at Benitos of all places, but yeah. That's what happens with poor planning. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't really know where I'd go, cause, to me, and this is just my opinion, and that opinion is based on the fact I just know the bay area better, but I could find a better meal in Northern California than I could in LA that's fast and decent, and that you could eat at, at 2 in the evening.

Places I wish I could eat at while in LA:
1. Hurry Curry of Tokyo.
2. That Cuban place on Venice.
3. That Equadorian place on Venice.
4. The good Burrito King.
5. That Mexican place we used to eat at on Pico, La Flama (?). I used to get the Torta meal deal there.

Places I'll never want to eat at in LA ever, again:
1. I never ate here, but that Chinese place on Pico that had the C rating the entire time we lived in LA.
2. ABC Chinese. Yeah, WTF. I went there once cause it was next to the weird comic book shop.
3. Norms, which I took my Mom, too, cause I'm an idiot. I was being lazy.
4. Zankao Chicken (sp?). It's a really popular chain. It's just a lot of beans.
5. The Apple Pan, the food's alright, the service is awesome, the pie's okay, it just they don't seat you, and you just sit behind a giant counter so there's people standing behind you waiting for you to finish your meal. It's pretty annoying.

Yes, yes. On that note, LA's a pit.

Uh, here's some more pictures from that show that's on some other place on the internet. It has pictures of actual artwork.

Halo Benders' "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want"

Lately I've been trying to find MP3s online of stuff on 7" I used to listen to since I don't have a record player. I know, you can get one of those new fangle record players with the usb ports but that's kind of a lot of work for someone like me. Instead I dick around for hours looking for random stuff online.

I've been trying to find The Halo Benders cover of The Smiths' song "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" which came off the Spawning Mosters 7".

All I found so far was this link:
The Halo Benders - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

I did find some stuff from a live show they did in 1994, though.

I haven't really listened to the Halo Benders on a regular basis since I was like 23 so it's kind of weird that right now I feel like looking this stuff up.

Update: I found the song. You can buy the song online and download it from K Records directly.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

World Record Sandwich? Iranians Eat Evidence

Picture 1

"But as the sandwich was being measured, chaos ensued"


Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm in some show in Canada. It's in Ottawa. Here's a link. It's a large group show. I sent them something small. The show is called The Little Big Show.

Uh, my Canadian Geography is a little off. I thought Ottawa was a province, but it's not, it's just a city in Ontario which is kind of weird cause I know the Senators came from there, cause that's where the Kings got Gretsky (I never followed Hockey, but I was old enough to remember when Gretzky came to town). I also thought Ontario was a city. They have an Ontario in LA. It's a pretty big city. Big enough to have an airport. Ontario, California, that is. I'm sure Ottawa's probably big enough to have an airport themeselves.

The last time I was in a show in Canada was 5 or 6 years ago. I set my prices and sold some pieces but they paid me in Canadian Dollars. Which at the time was 70% of a Real Dollar. But yeah. I think now, Canadian money is worth more than ours. I told that to Marci a few months ago, and she was like, "Man, we sunk pretty low". It doesn't matter with this show cause everything is going to charity.

Not that I have anything against Canada. They have Montreal. And uh, Nova Scotia. And Newfoundland.

Toronto is considered the most diverse city in the world. I don't know how that makes Toronto so awesome, but yeah. Good for them.

Animal Friends (Part II)

Yes, yes. A continuation from Part I.

Also check out this link.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Trying to Work

Uh, Sorry, I'm just going to redo this post. Basically I just wanted to show you these two photos I thought were funny.

Telling Batman what's what.
Here's a picture from last Halloween. It kind of looks like Marci's telling Batman what's what, but she's actually just telling him she likes his costume. There was an open bar.

Yeah. I've been sick, my macbook died (but i didn't lose everything, cause I backed up everything, but I really hate going to the Apple Store and the Dead Mall), I have to go to LA without Marci and until this week I didn't even know I was going to get down there. Yeah, I probably shouldn't be posting stuff while I'm feeling so negative.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rhode Island=Coffee Milk and Del's

Coffee Milk

Official State Drink of RI
Shea'la got this for us in a gas station in Rhode Island. On the shelf it looked like a bottle of motor oil. It's the official state drink of Rhode Island. If you don't believe me, you should follow this link. The best part of the Wikipedia description of Coffee Milk is how the legislature had a heated argument over whether Coffee Milk or Del's Lemon Ice should be the official state beverage.

My friend Adam was over and we tried it. We only had rice milk so it tasted like chocolate cereal milk (which by the way, they have that drink in Asia and it's pretty nasty (I should add this to my list)). Later Marci was making Mac & Cheese so she bought some whole milk, so I got to try what it should taste like. It likes like Coffee flavored milk.

In New York I was craving some sort of lemon iced flavor thing (for reals), then while Shea was showing us around Providence she pointed out a pizza place which sells Del's. It's Frozen Ice made with Real Lemons. It was pretty sweet and exactly what I wanted. I sort of just want to move to Providence just to drink that drink. But I also could just buy the mix online and blend the drink myself. But I don't think that's the same. But I am curious about mixing Del's with Maker's Mark.

Since I'm not from Rhode Island, I kind of feel like I'm totally unqualified to fully tell you about these beverages so I'll leave you with this link.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm in an group show in LA.

Here are some of the paintings for it.

In The Woods, Meeting Up With Giant Wolf

In Water with Rays

Darkness Coming
16x20 Acrylic on Wood. Completed 9/29.
I was pretty much done with this first. I just didn't get around to doing the black cause I didn't feel like doing it.

Automatic Writing (2)

Into the Cave

Resting with Feet in Water

At The Edge of the Forest

Marci really hasn't had the time to post on this blog by the way. She's been busy with working and finishing up these two paintings. She got accepted to Yaddo, which is a a residency in upstate New York. She'll be there in January, which would be really sweet. East Coast winter in a mansion and all you have to do is paint while someone else is feeding you. Yeah, that sounds pretty sweet.

Last Sunday she went to our friend Dave's opening of an auto shop in the City. He showed her his new kitten. She's Persian, and is sort of a "flop" cat.

New Kitten

Friday, October 3, 2008


A Note from Shea.
Shea'la sent us this box of Utz and only Utz.