Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Small List of Foods I Shouldn't have Eaten.

Uh, here's a list of things I've eaten that I wish I hadn't (In no particular order).
1. Dwight Yoakim's Chicken Lickin' Chicken Fries w/ Rib Meat- I don't know what they meant by "Rib" Meat. It actually tasted like vegetarian meat. Only somehow less like meat. It was a $1.
2. Durian Wafer Cookies- Yeah. They had to stop the car so I could throw this away.
3. Starburst Slammers- This was a drink.
4. Berries and Cream Dr. Pepper- My friend, Jack had a 12 pack of this. We drank this warm outside of APE.
5. That deep fried sausage Marci bought me in England.
6. White Castles microwavable burgers.
7. Pocari Sweat. Not a Typo.
8. Koya Aloe Vera Drink.
9. Lengua Tacos. Uh, when Eating Tongue tacos it feels like you're chewing on your own tongue, then swallowing it. Yeah.
10. The last time I went and got a Moco Loco.
11. Jazz Pepsi.
12. Starbucks Energy Drink. You can taste the guarana.
13. Jack in the Box Panini Sandwich. Not right. I didn't know what a Panini is and I guess I still don't know.
14. The "American" Microwavable Meal I ate in England.
15. Cereal Milk. It's milk with chunks of cereal in it. The cereal is kind of like Cheerios.

I like to think this is not just a list of food I dislike. Cause I do like Moco Loco's. Just probably should not eat that when Marci's not around.

There was also the Fried Oysters we ordered, but it came out like an omelet. We thought it was going to be deep fried, but it wasn't. We didn't eat it, so that doesn't count.

Should I include photos?

Slammers (not so slamming)

what i eat when i'm alone

Pocari Sweat



Junkyard Sam said...

8) Aloe Vera drink... I bet that was super healthy though!

9) The description "Eating Tongue tacos it feels like you're chewing on your own tongue, then swallowing it. Yeah." is the sickest thing I've ever heard!

Ha!! Great entry

beth said...

haha thats great