Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rhode Island=Coffee Milk and Del's

Coffee Milk

Official State Drink of RI
Shea'la got this for us in a gas station in Rhode Island. On the shelf it looked like a bottle of motor oil. It's the official state drink of Rhode Island. If you don't believe me, you should follow this link. The best part of the Wikipedia description of Coffee Milk is how the legislature had a heated argument over whether Coffee Milk or Del's Lemon Ice should be the official state beverage.

My friend Adam was over and we tried it. We only had rice milk so it tasted like chocolate cereal milk (which by the way, they have that drink in Asia and it's pretty nasty (I should add this to my list)). Later Marci was making Mac & Cheese so she bought some whole milk, so I got to try what it should taste like. It likes like Coffee flavored milk.

In New York I was craving some sort of lemon iced flavor thing (for reals), then while Shea was showing us around Providence she pointed out a pizza place which sells Del's. It's Frozen Ice made with Real Lemons. It was pretty sweet and exactly what I wanted. I sort of just want to move to Providence just to drink that drink. But I also could just buy the mix online and blend the drink myself. But I don't think that's the same. But I am curious about mixing Del's with Maker's Mark.

Since I'm not from Rhode Island, I kind of feel like I'm totally unqualified to fully tell you about these beverages so I'll leave you with this link.

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