Friday, August 15, 2008

Finishing Up

boxes for shipping
All the stuff for my show fits in these four boxes (Having uniform sizes makes things so easy). Shipping was actually quite affordable, cause we went to the UPS distribution center near the airport. That and I finished my show 10 days before we leave so it gave me enough time to pack and ship accordingly. I don't have to take paintings on a plane, which is kind of a first.

Yes, yes. so exciting. Sorry.

We leave on Wednesday and we've figured out everything for the show and the trip.
We're renting a car. Budget's pretty cheap. We're also staying in two hotels. One in Manhattan and one on the Cape.

Marci will be doing some East Coast driving (I don't know how, in case you're some stranger perusing this blog). We don't know what that's like so I e-mailed my friend, Jack and he told us what's the difference. Jack lives in LA, but he's from there, and although we have friends out there, most of them live in Brooklyn and don't have cars. There's these things called Toll Roads I noticed on a map and he explained what they were. Also apparently you have to pay to go through tunnels on the East Coast. Yeah, what's up with that?

Uh, I don't know what else to write about.

I'm really into "Starry Eyes"* and "For You (I'd Do Anything)"* by Roky Erickson. I've been pretty much listening to those two songs repeatedly for like the past few days.

I found the MP3 version of this 7" I own. It's a split between Built to Spill and Marine Research (Heavenly), where they do covers of each other's songs. I haven't heard the songs in a while cause I don't own a record player.

I went online and found the artwork so I could upload it to my Itunes.

Yes, yes. pretty exciting.

*Starry Eyes from the album Don't Slander Me, For You (I'd Do Anything) from the You're Gonna Miss Me Soundtrack.

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Junkyard Sam said...

It was fun watching the blogs/photos leading up to this show. I hope you guys keep doing that for future shows. I hope it goes well! Careful on the road.