Wednesday, August 20, 2008

East Coast Trip- Day 1

Over the Great Salt Lake

We just flew into New York. We bumped into Sam Handleman on the flight over. He sat right in front of us and we got on the Air Train together. The flight over wasn't so bad. It was Jetblue so instead of inking my travel maps I ended up watching crap on tv. My eyes burned when we got off. I paid Marci a quarter per inking for drawings in my sketchbook. She did an alright job.

Flying In

Yes, yes. We got in, and we're staying at a friend's place while they're away and then checking into a hotel tomorrow morning. We went to the corner store and got Utz chips. They gave us straws for our drinks cause there's a rat problem here.

New York smells like trash or oranges.

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