Wednesday, August 27, 2008

East Coast Driving: Denied

We went to our car rental place but we couldn't pick up a car cause neither of us have credit cards that aren't attached to our bank accounts. So we got fucking denied. Marci sort of had a small let down, but since we had a laptop on us we found a connection and booked tickets with Amtrak. We caught a cab and were on a train 2 hours later.

When we booked reservations for a rental car we were like, "Yes, we're adults", and then we got denied, and were like, "Damn, we ain't".

It was probably better that way- it probably took the same amount of time, cause the Amtrak here runs faster than they do in California. Like to get to LA from Oakland, you have to catch a train that first goes up to Sacramento and then south to Bakersfield, and then on a bus to LA. I guess people actually commute with Amtrak on the East Coast so they run way more frequently.

Connecticut was so beautiful from the train. The landscape was so different, and when we got off the train, Providence was really amazing, until you noticed the Mall. BUT, if you blocked that out, it was pretty fucking sweet.

So yeah. There's more to write, but the internets in and out. We're on the Cape without a car, but we're doing fine. We found a pond to swim at and we're at the most haunted building on the Cape, right near the Edward Gorey House.


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