Thursday, August 14, 2008

Automatic Writing/Cross Correspondence

100 Cases for Survival After Death

Zach got this book for for Marci's birthday. 100 Cases for Survival After Death is a book of case studies of people contacting the dead. So there are ways of talking to the dead. We were on our way to Benicia and Marci and Kelly were talking about their ouija board experiences, and some images came into my head. Later I thumbed through the book and found some chapter headings I like.

Automatic Writing:
Automatic Writing
Automatic Writing is when you let the spirit take your hand and then let them write out to talk to you.

I would tell you about Cross-Correspondence but I didn't read that chapter. I probably should have drawn a ouija board, but whatever.

BTW, the book kind of reminds me of the movie, "The Others" with Nicole Kidman. Just cause the living is trying to get rid of the dead, and they get into contact with each other. That and Nicole Kidman is pretty awesome looking in that film.

Also when I think of ouija boards I think of that Morrissey song:

When I drew this stuff out, Marci and Zach were like, "hey!". Cause well, of all the people in that car, I'm the one least likely to want to make a painting of that stuff. But, yeah. Ha!

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Skulldaggery said...

dude your paintings are so rad... i can't get over the style, and how much i <3 it.