Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Thing I Wanted to Tell You...

Oh goodness. Life after school is super weird. After two years of knowing exactly what I should be doing with myself all the time, this new life of no schedule is getting strange. I watched the entire first season of Gossip Girl in less than a week, my new bedtime is 5am, and I finally finally finished the giant ghost painting that's been haunting me ever since the end of school. It's massive- 44 x 66 inches of creepy drippy oozing. I've been thinking about the paintings like film stills lately and in this one the ghost crosses the veil and dons her shroud to walk the halls of the house. Like a bad dream, everything goes black and white.

Finally Done!!

This painting is actually the only one that has seriously freaked me out. When I first started it I started having nightmares for the first time ever that I was in the house and that the ghost was lurking in all the dark corners and pulling me closer. When I painted the hair and the face I just let all of the watercolor pool and drip. I laid out the outline of her eyes, nose, and mouth, but she had no pupils or anything. Everything was really wet and drippy so I decided to go and get some coffee and let it dry before I overworked it. When I came back it had dried and her eyes suddenly had light spots which described pupils looking accusingly at me. Seriously seriously creepy.

face close-up

It was like I had inadvertently conjured a presence and she was a little angry to have been awakened. After all the dreams I'd been having, I got a little freaked out and had to put it away for a bit. Now that it's finished I can finally roll her up and start working on something else. Kind of a relief really. I fully blame that painting for my new nocturnal schedule. You really can't paint that kind of thing in the afternoon you know?

Lets see, what else should I tell you? I'm really excited about Deth's show at GRNY this month and about the show we're in together after that- We=Trouble organised by Tiny Showcase. It's going to seriously seriously rock and me and Michelle made some really awesome paintings together. I'm going to be on the east coast for 3 weeks for the shows and to go to Cape Cod and Providence with Mr. Sun. Big adventure fun! We were going to take a few Greyhound trips, but after the decapitation and our own seperate Greyhound horror stories we decided to be real adults and rent a car. Roadtrip! I can't wait. Hopefully when we get back, our new studio will finally be ready to move into and we can start leaving the house.

P.S. Did you know that they're making Donnie Darko 2 without Richard Kelly but with Elizabeth Berkely? Oh woe is me. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be rad like Freeway part two was, but seriously- I'm kinda sad no matter how much I liked Showgirls.

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angela simione said...

this painting is totally rad and wonderful. the more distubing the better... atleast that's the direction my tastes run. great work! nightmares are no fun but i'm glad you made this.