Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's New and Different?

Nothing really. I just have that show to paint for. We were suppose to move into our new studio in June, but we haven't cause the person working in there can't move out until late August now. Marci was suppose to move out of her grad studio at CCA, and into the new studio (which was like down the street), but instead she has all her studio furniture at home. As a result, the house is turning into a small painting factory. Just cause Marci has to make paintings, and I'm finishing up stuff for that show in August. So we're just trying to shut things down and just make paintings. I'm using Marci's large table to glaze small paintings and gesso and put ground on new ones. I'm also watching a lot of TV on DVD (yesterday's lot included two American Experiences (The Berlin Airlift, The Transatlantic Cable), WWII, and a little bit of Gidget), and Marci's listening to a lot of Public Radio on her headphones.

Above are some of the paintings I glazed or finished yesterday.

A good amount of the work for this show is pretty small. Most of it being 5"x5" or 5"x7". I'm going to tile them and so they'll look really nice (hopefully). My friend Derek has been cutting down wood for me while he's at work and bringing to me on his way home (he lives about two blocks away). So that's been pretty sweet.

Oh, new work for that show can be found here.

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