Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New York, uh, Tom Hanks, and Edward Gorey

We just bought tickets to New York. Marci is going to be there for like 3 weeks, and I'll be there for 10 days. Actually I think I'll be there for only 6 days or so, And in Providence for two and Yarmouthport for two days. "What's in Yarmouthport?" "Where is Yarmouthport?" It's on the Cape, and it's where Edward Gorey's House is. Seriously. We have to take a bus to some place called Hyannis. I have no idea what a small town on the East Coast looks like cause I've only been to Manhattan and Brooklyn, and I took a train to try and go to the Bronx Zoo but it started raining, so my idea of what a small town on the East Coast is kind of like when Tom Hanks is in Big and goes to see his old life and misses it. Also my idea of the Midwest is Tom Hanks in The Burbs where they all talk about going to "the Lake" a lot. My concept of the South is William Tecumseh Sherman burning it up the coast. Or Tom Hanks waiting for the bus and then giving a linebacker the forearm shiver like he did in Forest Gump. I actually don't remember anything else that happened in Forest Gump other than I think Sally Fields played his mom. Big is kind of creepy cause uh, some lady makes out with a 13 year old in Tom Hank's body. The Burbs is one of Marci's favorite movies. She watches it whenever she gets anxious. It actually gets better the more you watch it. My favorite Tom Hanks film is The Money Pit. That was somewhere on the East Coast. When I think of the East Coast I also think of that one lady on Cheers with the boofy hair. Yeah.

Yeah. I don't really travel that much. Uh, Marci's been to a lot of places. Mostly cause her old job made her travel a lot, and yeah. I've only been to Portland, Salt Lake, uh, Detroit, New York, and uh, Bristol, England. I was in the airports of Nashville, Pittsburg, and Chicago, but Marci says that those don't count. By the way, I'm really sorry I'm quoting my girlfriend a lot. In Pittsburg I learned that that's where Mr. Rogers came from, in Chicago I learned that cops get segways, and I didn't really learn anything in Nashville's airport cause our layover was like 45 minutes.

The Edward Gorey House is kind of the only reason why I want to go out to New York. I never knew there was a place like that. We went to a show on Edward Gorey's Dracula, and found out that the work was on loan from the Edward Gorey House. Then we decided that the next time we were in New York we'll try making it out there. Then I was reading this comic by the very awesome, Mr. Tom Gauld, and it says that there's a really good book store in New York that features his stuff. Marci says that's it's just probably a fancy gift shop but you know, I just want to know what's in there for myself.

So yeah. I don't know. We should probably get a guide book. Usually we just dick around and find stuff to do. But I think this time around we're trying to be more planned out about it. This year we're going to see the Panorama at the Queens Museum, uh, The Mets, and The Frick. The Frick is $15 to get in, but with a student ID it's 5, so Marci wants to make a fake ID. I can pay the $10 more, but we do have a lamination machine, and I would like to make an ID for "Mountain City West Valley College".

Yeah, I'm sorry. Things come out of my mouth, and then I'm like what? And then yeah.

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