Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We went to Benicia this weekend cause Marci was in a group show there at Arts Benicia. Benicia was one of the first capital of California.

Arts Benicia

Marci's stuff.

We went with Kelly and Zach. After the opening we tooled around Benicia but it was a Sunday, so most of the touristy stuff was sort of closed. We stopped by the an old clock tower (which probably was the first one I've ever seen in person). Marci found some school girl porn in the dumpster behind it and we got kind of creeped out by the one guy who was driving around the parking lot. We like to think he came back for his porn stash out of regret. Once when I was a kid I found porn stuck in a hole in a tree. And once when Marci was a kid she and two other girls found porn in a pit on the side of trail. The pit was big enough for them to jump in and casually peruse the person's stash.

We went to the old state capital and walked around their garden, and then made our way to the Cemetery. Then we tried finding a place to eat but all there was (possible) bad Chinese so we ended up driving down to Pinole for In & Out.

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