Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jesus Fuck

I'm going to be on Greyhound from NYC to Providence in a few weeks, and this isn't something I want to read about before I buy tickets. The last time I was on a Greyhound bus was in 1997 from Sacramento. and I sat on the back, but all I got was some heavy set dude sitting next to me. He fell asleep on me and I had to take a shower straight away cause it was a hot drive.

That was a pretty weird trip. I was going to SF State and I didn't know anyone at the time. There were buses to Sacramento for some protest, and you could get on for free. I didn't have anything to do, so I got on cause I didn't know what Sacramento was like. I hung out in the library, bought a sandwich and ate it in a park, and visited the state capital and got back on the bus before it left town. I really wouldn't know what I would do if I didn't find those buses (I found out later that at the time a ticket back home would have been $10). I even got interviewed by the school paper. You can find the article online.

A few years later I was on an Amtrak bus twice. Nothing really too bad happened then, cause no one sat next to me cause who the fuck takes the bus to Big Sur? When we were in England we had to take the Megabus. That sort of sucked but I sat next to Marci. We got yelled at by the bus driver. We actually don't know if he was mad or not. Just cause we didn't really know what he was saying.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tiny Showcase!

infinite possibilities

I'm doing prints with Tiny Showcase. It's an edition of 200, and it goes live 4:30PM PST (or in like 45 minutes). My charity of choice is The San Francisco SPCA cause that's where we got Thor.

at the window

Rock Paper Scissors

Yes, Making blog posts of things that already happened is the new thing. I just want to say that I did a t-shirt for Rock Paper Scissors in Oakland. I wasn't able to make it out there cause I had the flu.

RPSC's 3rd Annual Art Auction

Friday, July 25, 6 to 11pm
839 55th Street (at Martin Luther King Jr. Way), Oakland, CA
Do you love to support local artists?

Do you love to rock out to live music and silly videos while sipping local brew?

Do you love the work of downtown Oakland's Rock Paper Scissors Collective?

Answer "YES!" to any of these three and mark your calendar for the Third Annual Rock Paper Scissors Collective Art Auction on July, 25, 2008 from 6 to 11pm. The auction and party will be held at 839 55th Street (at MLK Jr. Way) in North Oakland. The auction will support the ongoing operations of the Rock Paper Scissors Collective, a volunteer-run organization that fosters creativity and collaboration in order to strengthen local communities and encourage sustainable practices and alternative models. Bid on visual art, wearable art, crafts and more, while enjoying the entertainment of puppets and live music!

6-8pm Cocktail hour & open bidding
8pm Show Beast Live performance/puppet show
8:30-11pm Music by MisAmerica, Ned & White Cloud

The auction will close at 10 PM & will feature amazing & affordable art by some local talent!

Also for sale will be shirts designed especially for RPS by Deth P. Sun - not to be missed....

Artists featured in the auction include: Adam Hatch, Ali Ulrich, Amanda Kennedy, Amy Friebertshauser, Amy Mosley, Ashley Gallegos, Aurora Crispin, Barry Monigle, Carey Dick, Cyrus Smith, Derek McCall, Emma Spertus, Erin Gleeson, Gabriel Bridges, Jeff Stratford, Jenna Feldman, Joe Imwalle, John Casey, Jorge Boehringer, Karl Vidstrand, Kelly Seldan, Liz Harris, Luis Sanchez, Luke Forsyth, Mark Taylor, Matt Vollgraff, Matthew Reamer, Michael Deane, Nate Crane, Rita Silverstein, Scott Macleod, Tallulah Terrell, Tamar Beja, Tiffany Black Darquea, Zack Houston, Mark Nicola, Michael Braithwaite, and more!

For More Information Contact:
phone: 510.238.9171
2278 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612

Drawing Party

So there's a group show in Brooklyn that's going to be made up of collaborative drawings. I don't really know who else is in it, other than the friends we know who are in it. At first it was suppose to be, you choose someone and then you draw with just that one person. But yeah. I don't know.

I went to San Francisco yesterday and drew with Ferris Plock and Jay Howell.

Here's some funny stuff.



Our other collaborations are found here.

We're having one more drawing party, cause the deadline for stuff is like the first of August. The show is September 4th, and there's an opening on the 6th. Uh, I'll be out East, but I'm coming home early, but Ferris and Jay will be out there, and so is Marci , who's also in the show.

Beer Cozies

Beer  Cozy Proof

A month ago I got my economic stimulus check. And then I was like, "Sweet". Marci said I should probably do something with it. Cause technically it was my patriotic duty to help stimulate the economy, so I decided to make beer cozies. I made 200 at 69c a piece. It'll be made in Florida, and most likely sold online. I sold the design for a T-shirt to Giant Robot, so the shirts might be there when I'm there installing for my solo show on the 23rd.


We went to Benicia this weekend cause Marci was in a group show there at Arts Benicia. Benicia was one of the first capital of California.

Arts Benicia

Marci's stuff.

We went with Kelly and Zach. After the opening we tooled around Benicia but it was a Sunday, so most of the touristy stuff was sort of closed. We stopped by the an old clock tower (which probably was the first one I've ever seen in person). Marci found some school girl porn in the dumpster behind it and we got kind of creeped out by the one guy who was driving around the parking lot. We like to think he came back for his porn stash out of regret. Once when I was a kid I found porn stuck in a hole in a tree. And once when Marci was a kid she and two other girls found porn in a pit on the side of trail. The pit was big enough for them to jump in and casually peruse the person's stash.

We went to the old state capital and walked around their garden, and then made our way to the Cemetery. Then we tried finding a place to eat but all there was (possible) bad Chinese so we ended up driving down to Pinole for In & Out.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We went to a Batman Themed Party

There were several Batmen and Robins, One Alfred, One Commissioner, One Joker and some other folks.

Marci and Michelle Collaborations

Marci and Michelle

Michelle came over to paint with Marci. They're in a collaborative group show together that's on the East Coast later this summer.

We have more in this set, as well as other drawings we've made with other friends.

What's New and Different?

Nothing really. I just have that show to paint for. We were suppose to move into our new studio in June, but we haven't cause the person working in there can't move out until late August now. Marci was suppose to move out of her grad studio at CCA, and into the new studio (which was like down the street), but instead she has all her studio furniture at home. As a result, the house is turning into a small painting factory. Just cause Marci has to make paintings, and I'm finishing up stuff for that show in August. So we're just trying to shut things down and just make paintings. I'm using Marci's large table to glaze small paintings and gesso and put ground on new ones. I'm also watching a lot of TV on DVD (yesterday's lot included two American Experiences (The Berlin Airlift, The Transatlantic Cable), WWII, and a little bit of Gidget), and Marci's listening to a lot of Public Radio on her headphones.

Above are some of the paintings I glazed or finished yesterday.

A good amount of the work for this show is pretty small. Most of it being 5"x5" or 5"x7". I'm going to tile them and so they'll look really nice (hopefully). My friend Derek has been cutting down wood for me while he's at work and bringing to me on his way home (he lives about two blocks away). So that's been pretty sweet.

Oh, new work for that show can be found here.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I've started a small collection of star maps. It's a really small collection cause it's made up of just 3 items- a book of Star Maps with missing pages my friend Zach gave me, an Australian Soldiers Guide to Navigating Home (which is made up of four maps, and it's for the Southern Hemisphere so it's no use to me, but it's really nicely illustrated), and a offset print of the Northern Sky. I mean it's pretty easy to get a star map, but usually they're not really illustrated well, or they throw in a bunch of junk you don't really need. I don't know. I just don't like anything like that, that's made after 1980 or so. Another thing is that I don't really frame anything, and I don't really do anything with them. I actually don't know why I collect them in the first place.

The first star map I bought was in like the Sierra Club store on College, near the 6 way intersection of Claremont. I bought it cause I was going to get out of the city for the first time and I wanted to see if I could identify stars while I was out there. I grew up in LA, Santa Ana, and San Diego, so I never actually saw stars, cause of all the light pollution. I mean, LA and Orange County during the 80s and early 90s, were really smoggy.

So yeah. I mean, this is going somewhere, but not really anywhere far. Well, a few months ago, I netflixed Stranger than Fiction, and I liked it so much that uh, I bought the DVD. So I've watched and re-watched it a lot, cause I don't have TV, just DVDs, so I have to watch something while I'm painting. So in this film, there's a poster in one of the scenes of stars that I really liked, and I wondered how someone might get a poster like that. Uh, if you get asked to have a painting in a movie, they usually they take the painting, make a copy of it and blow it up and then put it in the film. So I just wondered if they bought the poster or if they just made it themselves.

So photos like that come form the Hubble Space Telescope, So I just went to NASA's website, but they have no gift shop. You'd think they would, but yeah. Then I just googled "NASA Giftshop" and found The Kennedy Space Center. But all the shit on it is like mission souvenirs, or stuff about the technology that gets them into space, and not space stuff itself. Although, uh, the Mugs Section is kind of interesting, and I am curious about the Ice Cream.

But yeah. that wasn't what I wanted. Fast Forward a few hours later, and yeah. I couldn't really find anything that was bigger than 6 ft by 4 ft. Then I realized I wouldn't really know what to do with a 8x10 ft poster of the Eagle Nebula.

I do think this poster of the Star Cluster of Orion is pretty sweet.

I have a bunch of star maps, but I never thought of buying a star poster until then. I think it's probably is cause it's kind of cheesy. But yeah I don't know.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dolphin talking to Zebra

I have a folder where I drag stuff I find on the internet that I think are kind of funny.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best Scenes from the New Wicker Man

Nicholas Cage hates women.

New York, uh, Tom Hanks, and Edward Gorey

We just bought tickets to New York. Marci is going to be there for like 3 weeks, and I'll be there for 10 days. Actually I think I'll be there for only 6 days or so, And in Providence for two and Yarmouthport for two days. "What's in Yarmouthport?" "Where is Yarmouthport?" It's on the Cape, and it's where Edward Gorey's House is. Seriously. We have to take a bus to some place called Hyannis. I have no idea what a small town on the East Coast looks like cause I've only been to Manhattan and Brooklyn, and I took a train to try and go to the Bronx Zoo but it started raining, so my idea of what a small town on the East Coast is kind of like when Tom Hanks is in Big and goes to see his old life and misses it. Also my idea of the Midwest is Tom Hanks in The Burbs where they all talk about going to "the Lake" a lot. My concept of the South is William Tecumseh Sherman burning it up the coast. Or Tom Hanks waiting for the bus and then giving a linebacker the forearm shiver like he did in Forest Gump. I actually don't remember anything else that happened in Forest Gump other than I think Sally Fields played his mom. Big is kind of creepy cause uh, some lady makes out with a 13 year old in Tom Hank's body. The Burbs is one of Marci's favorite movies. She watches it whenever she gets anxious. It actually gets better the more you watch it. My favorite Tom Hanks film is The Money Pit. That was somewhere on the East Coast. When I think of the East Coast I also think of that one lady on Cheers with the boofy hair. Yeah.

Yeah. I don't really travel that much. Uh, Marci's been to a lot of places. Mostly cause her old job made her travel a lot, and yeah. I've only been to Portland, Salt Lake, uh, Detroit, New York, and uh, Bristol, England. I was in the airports of Nashville, Pittsburg, and Chicago, but Marci says that those don't count. By the way, I'm really sorry I'm quoting my girlfriend a lot. In Pittsburg I learned that that's where Mr. Rogers came from, in Chicago I learned that cops get segways, and I didn't really learn anything in Nashville's airport cause our layover was like 45 minutes.

The Edward Gorey House is kind of the only reason why I want to go out to New York. I never knew there was a place like that. We went to a show on Edward Gorey's Dracula, and found out that the work was on loan from the Edward Gorey House. Then we decided that the next time we were in New York we'll try making it out there. Then I was reading this comic by the very awesome, Mr. Tom Gauld, and it says that there's a really good book store in New York that features his stuff. Marci says that's it's just probably a fancy gift shop but you know, I just want to know what's in there for myself.

So yeah. I don't know. We should probably get a guide book. Usually we just dick around and find stuff to do. But I think this time around we're trying to be more planned out about it. This year we're going to see the Panorama at the Queens Museum, uh, The Mets, and The Frick. The Frick is $15 to get in, but with a student ID it's 5, so Marci wants to make a fake ID. I can pay the $10 more, but we do have a lamination machine, and I would like to make an ID for "Mountain City West Valley College".

Yeah, I'm sorry. Things come out of my mouth, and then I'm like what? And then yeah.

Monday, July 7, 2008


hell yes.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Calendar

Yeah, I'm just a little excited. Zach drew the bat- pretty awesome.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Film Club Report

Tonight was the first meeting of Film Club! and our first movie, thanks to Mr. Tommy Busch, was the original The Wicker Man starring Christopher Lee. This movie blew all of our minds! At first it was kinda cheesy and we were all starting to wonder, but it gets real weird real fast. The landlord's daughter's naked dance where she starts singing and banging on the walls is probably where I started to realize that I had never ever seen a movie like this before. Christopher Lee calls it the best movie that he's ever been in, and I think I would agree. It's instantly in my top 10, and Pete and Narangkar like it so much that they named their gallery Rowan Morrison in it's honor. We're not sure what the next movie's gonna be, but I really don't know how we're gonna top The Wicker Man.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Punk Rock

So about a year ago I got in a fight with my friend Dave at a punk rock bar in Las Vegas. He was talking about how subversive punk rock still is and I was arguing that it probably used to be, but that now it's been totally co-opted into one big fashion show, and we both got really mad (probably 'cause we were kinda drunk and in Las Vegas) and just ended up yelling a lot and my sister had to break it up and we never really settled the matter. Then last week my friend and fellow Film Club member Zach took me to see the Penelope Spheeris documentary The Decline of Western Civilization at the Berkeley Pacific Film Archive. Man, oh man, it was so good. The highlight of the film was totally Darby Crash from The Germs making breakfast during his interview. And the lyrics to Manimal?! Awesome. Man he was so cool.
Okay, so I have to admit that before this documentary I totally didn't know who he was, and despite my drunken ranting on the topic, I really don't know very much about punk rock. So I didn't find out that Mr. Crash was dead until the next day at school when I was talking about him non-stop to James Bradley. It really sucks to find out that someone you just found out about is dead. Anyway, I called Dave and told him that I was sorry and that perhaps he was at least partially right about punk rock, and then we hung out at the Cassanova and I drank way too much Whiskey and he imparted a little bit of his vast punk rock knowledge. Did you know that Crass has a commune called the Dial House? Anyway, this is my official apology to punk, even though I'm still going to hiss at the gutter punks in Berkeley who ask me for change 'cause they're all from Walnut Creek anyway.