Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trevor (Jan. 18 2008-June 21, 2008)

Panda Pinata
We were in the Mission going to an opening when I saw a Panda piñata at a grocery store. It was kind of funny looking and we got it for $6. The choices weren't that many. You could either get a panda, a bear (which looked just like a panda but brown), or a blonde girl (?). Yeah who the hell decides to beat a little girl? Well, no one, that's why they had a shit ton of them all over the store.

for the gallows

We hung him in our living room for a few months. We were going to beat him sometime but you can't beat a piñata if there isn't a party, that, and our back yard is kind of cramped cause of all the trees and someone might take out the neighbor's window.

Then our friends down the street were having a party. It was Derek's Going Away, and Adam's birthday. And then Marci decided that the Panda had to go (she liked the new piñata more).

We got another Pinata

He goes well in the Kitchen.

Uh, yeah.

For some strange reason we named him. Marci liked "Trevor" over "Bernard", probably cause she knew of a cat named Bernard.

Beat Down
And then he got a beat down.

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