Sunday, June 29, 2008

Slytherin Painting

Drew this while watching American Experience: Benjamin Franklin, and after a whole day of Harry Potter. I thought it was pretty funny, but most people I've shown it to thought I was just being weird again. I just basically redrew Franklin's drawing "Join or Die", which is one of the first known political cartoons.

Another good drawing that I love is "Annihilate the Traitors", which is a civil war propaganda drawing with an Eagle eating out snakes or something. I tried finding it online, but I couldn't.

This conversation came up where we debated which house we might be in if we ever went to Hogwarts. Marci is pretty certain she'd be in Slytherin, over Ravenclaw, and uh, yeah. I'm pretty certain I'd be in the house that I'd be in and it came up a lot last week at a party. Yes, yes, it is kind of weird we have conversations like this, but I did just make a painting with the words "Slytherin" on it and combined it with a drawing done by Ben Franklin. Yeah. Our friend Zach had a hard time coming to grips that he'd probably be sorted into Slytherin. I consoled him by telling him that Marci would be in Slytherin, and that Snape was pretty cool. The morning after that party our friend Michelle was like, "Zach started talking about Houses, and how he felt bad he was in Slytherin but he felt better after he figured Marci was in Slytherin, and I had no idea what he was talking about". Then we told her that she'd be in Hufflepuff, cause those are the lame-asses who couldn't get in the other houses and showed up at Hogwarts not knowing the difference. Marci would like to add that she thinks Michelle would be in Gryffindor.

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Nancy said...

Ha! I love the debate about the houses! I totally started thinking about that when I first read the Harry Potter series...

I have no idea which house I'd be in. Probably not Gryffindor. Wish I would be, though, 'cause Oliver was a hottie in the films.