Friday, June 27, 2008


I've been sick for the past 2 or 3 weeks. I actually forgot how long I've been at home. I think I developed an allergy to wheat (it runs in the family), so I've been wheat-free for the past 4 or 5 days and I've been getting better. It's kind of good that I don't have a real job cause I don't know if anyone would be okay with me being home as much as I am right now. But then again, if I was still working I'd probably be working a shitty job that didn't offer health care.

So yeah. Life sucks. I'm still getting some paintings done. I'm kind of tired all the time cause of the benadryl and the herbs I've been taking, but I pushed a small table next to my bed and when I feel like it I paint while watching something on my laptop.

I've re-watched all the Harry Potter movies, re-watch Horatio Hornblower, and re-watched all the extended LOTR DVDs with commentary. Yes, yes. I've also netflixed a lot of random American Experience DVDs: RFK, The Kennedys, The Lobotomist (which somehow tied in with the Kennedys) and I'm getting into this Nova series about the birth of our solar system.

With Moon

I finished the above painting sometime last week. Been getting into fluid acrylics over using medium viscosity. It's easier to get thinner lines with them. When I was in school, I never really had that much money, but I always tried buying nice paint. I remember budgeting out a certain amount of my income to a buying a new tube each week. Now a bit older, it's kind of weird that I had to do that, cause, well, uh, acrylic paint is hella cheap. You can get a bottle of liquitex for like $3, and a tube for $4. But when I was 19 I had a eating budget of $20 a week, a part-time job that paid me $6.33, and I slept on my friend's living room floor for $300 a month and I went to a $20,000 a year art school.

I don't know. It was just weird. I was doing a crafts fair at my old school last year, just cause I remember having fun doing them. And there was this kid there, who made awesome stuff and he had prints for sale. But they were like $15, and they were just amazing prints. But yeah, we traded work. But yeah. It just reminded me when I was a kid I sold paintings for like $20-$40. Cause yeah, cause I was 19 and I can some how ate off $20 a week (If you're wondering what I ate think Ramen, Eggs, Bread, Cheez-its, Dollar Meals, and I ate once a day; also what might have made it do-able was that my friends all worked at restaurants).

By the Way, the kid's name was Sam Handleman and below are his prints.
Sam Handleman Prints

I don't know. Sorry this is just me rambling. I tend to do this a lot when I'm by myself, and then I'm e-mailing someone and then get the brunt of all of this somehow. I was doing some business e-mails last week and a lot of it was just about cobbler and Nova. None of the above stuff was leading to anything, other than me thinking that $20 was a lot of money at one time in my life.

But yeah. I've just been painting. I'm putting all my new work online for that show out east here. I don't know if they're all going to that show, cause I'm pretty sick, so I'm probably not going to go out for it. I don't like going to openings, but I do like installing my work and seeing what I worked on for so long up on a wall. I'll probably save the smaller installation for a show later in October in LA. But yeah. All of it's still up in the air.

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