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June Update

Here's a real blog post where I talk about what's been going on.

Lately the internet has been a little overwhelming for me. To the point where I don't think I can sit in front of a computer without instantly wanting to get up. Frankly it's a lot of stuff to keep up with; there's Blogger, my website, my Facebook page, normal Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. Then Flickr switched up their service, and Google got rid of Google Reader and then I had to find a new way of getting my RSS feeds as well as figuring out the new Flickr settings so I can still blog. Whatever, it's the internet. Also it's just as annoying for me writing about this as it probably is for anyone reading this. It's a little too much to keep up with really. But then sometimes I meet people at zine fairs or art openings who tell me they found me through one of those services and so that's why I have to keep up with this sort of stuff.

But it's weird, cause it feels like you don't actually really know what's going on with other folks. You just see little snippets of what they're doing. A lot of times I figure most folks are too busy to hang so I just keep to myself.

Anyway. Here's an update of what's been going on:

I had to leave town for this solo show in Brooklyn, but right before we left we had to take Bruce, our cat to the emergency vet cause he was having trouble peeing.

He ended up having a blocked urethra, so that meant emergency surgery.

This is rolled change. Since I moved to Berkeley I've been saving my change like this in case of an emergency, and yeah. This was the emergency. I should probably start saving money like a normal person. I just figured if we got robbed it would be really difficult to run out with 50 lbs of coins.

The worst part was that he had to go to the Emergency Vet, and then to our normal vet to be looked after cause it was cheaper there, but then we needed someone to pick him up while we were in New York. Thankfully my friend, Jacob came down from Fort Bragg and he cat sat for us, and was able to pick him up a couple of days before I got home.

We stayed with our friend Shea in Brooklyn. Here's her cat, Moose. New York was really hot. It was in the mid-90s the entire time I was there.

Installing at Grumpy Bert. Marci did most of the measuring a hanging. It took us 7 hours. They were pretty awesome. We listened to a lot of reggae that day.

This is what we sing to our cats when we make them dance for us.

Someone had a "rad" drummer tattoo at the opening. The opening was pretty sweet. It was kind of like having a show in a small town (that's a good thing). I saw a lot of old friends I hadn't seen in years, just cause New York is one of those cities everyone moves to.

I didn't take very many photos while I was there. I took this photo of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch on the way to the Brooklyn Museum, but I like triumphant arches a lot.

Coolest thing to come out of the 80s.

Yeah! to whatever this is*
*Please don't leave a comment explaining to me what this is.

Uh, for the second half of the trip I stayed with my friends Tommy and Alana in Bedford-Stuyvesant. It was the first time I was there since probably 2002 and yeah. It was a little different. This is Tommy's cat Roosephee (sp?). He likes to eat the chip residue from your fingers.

I didn't really do much while I was staying with them. I walked Marci to the bus station in Manhattan, cause she was going on month long residency in Providence. And then, I came back to Brooklyn. Got lost on the way to their house and let myself in after Tommy hid his keys outside. It was really hot. I watched a lot of HBO Go and caught up with some old friends from my San Francisco State days at an outdoor bar. We were hoping it would be like Zeitgeist, but yeah. It wasn't.

Here's a list of the meals I ate while in New York. That's right, I didn't get to eat a pizza, but I found a place that served a lobster roll (not as good as Cape Cod), and a place that served Kimchi Ramen (which was pretty awesome).

I probably would have documented my trip more if it wasn't for the fact that going to New York is sort of like going to San Jose or Sacramento, right now (only i kind of find San Jose and Sacramento more exciting). It's kind of like any large city, only that their Mexican food is really weird, and the produce is pretty shitty. I think I did all the touristy stuff the first half dozen times I visited the east coast. I made a list of book stores I wanted to visit in Brooklyn but didn't go to any of them. WIlliamsburg is pretty out of the way (the best book store name I found was "Book Thug Nation" by the way.

Another travel note. We flew Virgin America to New York, and I flew back using Jet Blue. Virgin America is alright, considering how amazing Virgin Atlantic was, but Jet Blue was pretty amazing, just for the leg room alone. Also we had to do a stop over on the way to New York, and it was at LAX, which is by far, the worst airport I've ever been to.

Here's a photo of Bruce after coming home from the vet. Jacob was so rad and gave him all his meds. He seems to be doing alright these days.

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 12.45.25 AM
After two months of just working on paintings and being in doors, and then getting on a plane being in New York for a week I really wanted to see some nature, so I conned Jacob to walk up to Lake Anza and the Botanical Gardens with me. It's a 3.5 mile walk just to get there, and you have to walk up the paths, which is a pretty steep climb at certain places. The elevation at my house is 40ft, and I think at Lake Anza it's 700. I mean, it's no Kilimanjaro, but it's pretty steep. The view is pretty amazing though while you're walking up.

Jacob at Lake Anza. It was nice to be in Northern Californian weather, and seeing some greens.

Cat sat for my friend, Michael while he was away in Greece. This is Pinky.

This horchata drink mix isn't as awesome as the ones you get at a taqueria, but it looks pretty cool.

Here's a photo of Thor.

IMG_7159Here's another photo of Bruce, just so you're assured that he's still alive.

Nigel Peake sent us his new book and it's pretty amazing. You can get a signed copy here.

I have the rest of June to work on some random art projects before I have to throw myself into making another art show.

Been working on larger drawings. This one's 24" x 36". I hope to have a whole show of these. So far I have two.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Solo Show at Grumpy Bert (Brooklyn, NY)

Here are photos from that show in Brooklyn. I didn't take any of these, cause I just never feel like photographing anything. They're lifted from the Grumpy Bert's website and one photo is from a very nice who I met at the opening.

photo courtesy of: Mehan Jaysuriya.

My largest painting was 16"x20". It did take about a week to make. I did have others that I could have finished but just didn't go with this large so it made no sense to bring.


Grumpy Bert's walls were like charcoal grey, so it punched out all the aqua greens and fluorescent reds.

It was relatively an easy install. The space was 1 1/2 miles from where we were staying at so we walked over in just before noon. It took about 7 hours to finish the install, including getting lunch. 7 hours is pretty fast for us.

The grid is always tricky. Thanks to my friend, Derek, we found a faster way of installing everything with always having to measure every single piece from one another.



So yeah. The show is up for another two week. Here's a link to the store. The address is 82 Bond Street at Atlantic Ave.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Piece of Cake at Foe (Northampton, MA)


I made this funny painting for a cake themed show in Northampton, MA.
Here's the link to the show.
Show is up till July 7.